Best Pre Workout Coffee

Any recommendations on which instant brand has the highest caffeine content? Looking for the best option to give me pre workout kick instead of buying a pre workout

Best pre workout is to use no caffeine for a couple weeks and then have a cup of coffee. You will feel the full effect of a minimum dose. I would personally avoid adding in a lot of caffeine on purpose as you will just develop a tolerance quickly and make it harder to go without it.

Edit: I wish I could heed my own advice on this, btw.

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Thanks bro I’ll try that


I’ve used PR Blend from C&K in the past - it’s really good…

If you’re looking for an instant I like the Strong Coffee Company Daybreaker Instant Latte. They recently changed the formula to include Cacao, but it’s still got a good coffee favor. Just add to hot water and shake/blend


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Coffee + Bronkaide (25mg ephedra)… my go to for years now as a pre workout

In the old days two Mt. Dew and two Weider pre workout energy chews.


I bought this because it looked interesting, and made a cup of it this morning. Honestly not a fan. I’ll try it cold tomorrow or add a scoop to protein shakes, but I doubt I’ll buy it again.

I’m a black coffee drinker, so maybe it’s just my taste buds.

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