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Best calf routine

Guys, have any of you tried the calf routine outlined by Poliquin in issue 1? If you have, what kind of results did you get and were they as good as you expected? For those of you who haven’t tried it, what calf routine did you respond to best? Thanks for the help guys.

It’s excellent. Best calf routine I’ve ever tried. Give it a shot.

I haven’t used Poliquin’s calf routine. But
I’ve been doing the calf routine outlined by
Ian King in the latest paper version of T-mag,
and it works really well - first time my
calves have been sore in a while.

yes, i’ve tried the luke sanders calf workout outlined by poliquin in issue one. It is excruciatingly painful but works like nothing else i’ve ever seen…

King’s calf workout is a killer. I highly recommend it but it is not for the weak willed.

I’ve used both Poliquin’s and King’s program for a month each. I had slightly better results with Poliquin’s…probably because of the increased frequency. King’s would be a better choice if you have an imbalance as it uses all unilateral movements. They are both good programs, but don’t expect any miracles.

I don’t think you’ll ever find a calf routine that’ll instantly blow your calves up. I’ve found with them (and all body parts for that matter), that it’s just a matter of consistent effort put in to make them grow, and constant change in training variables. Don’t worry, one day some time down the track you’ll look in the mirror at them after having sorta forgot about them for a while and think - Shit, my calves are gettin’ freakin’ huge!!!

Thanks for all the help guys. I’m going to give the Poliquin routine a try and see where I stand(if I can) after a month. Take care guys.