Best Books on Olympic Weightlifting

I have Bob Takano’s book on programming. What other books do you all recommend for someone just getting into weightlifting? I’ve heard the well-known The Weightlifting Encyclopedia is dense and not terribly useful to lifters, but I realize opinions vary.


I really like The Muscle and Strength Pyramid: Training from Eric Helms. He has a 6 part series on YouTube that covers pretty much the same material, just visualized on the white board.

From my own Experience, first book I read was Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding. Great book, and even if it’s not giving the most detailed plans in the world, it’s definitely giving enough information to get the job done.

5-3-1 is a fantastic resource for people looking to gain overall athleticism and strength, I’d personally recommend first reading the OG 531 and then picking up 5-3-1 forever

I appreciate the responses, but my question was actually directed toward the sport of weightlifting, not weight training in general. For some reason, the moderator moved this over to the Beginners forum from the Olympic lifting forum; that may be causing some confusion.

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Dan John’s ‘Never Let Go’
also From the Ground up -short ebook on his website(+free!)

edit :yeah has plenty of nuggets on O lifts

Will Fleming articles worth looking up also…

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What about Greg Everett’s Olympic Weightlifting - A Complete Guide for Athletes? I’ve just started it, but Greg seems to have a good reputation in the field.

Tommy Kono’s Weightlifting, Olympic Style was a really great read, no surprise. Covered technique, programming, contest prep, the whole nine.

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I had the russian book: a system of multi year training in weightlfting, but its heard to read. Weightlifting encyclopedia is also great. If you go through the chapter on programing it lays out the russian system in numbers in tables for example
a certain clasification of lifter would do x procent of power snatch, x procent of clean and jerk lifts in the prep period and so on everything is specified,(number of reps, rep ranges they did, tonnage…) so you can see what they trained like.

I realize you said you are a beginner but if you want to put a program together i think this is what you need eventualy. If you are getting into weightlifting you will need to invest a significant amount of time into learning technique and how to train…

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I recommend this.