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Best Anabolic Conditions for TRT


I’m 26, have had 3 blood tests in the past years with 240 test at 21 years old, 250 at 23 yo, and 309 at 26 yo. I’ve been lifting seriously for ten years, have a few decent stats, 600 lb deadlift, 18 inch arms at 220 lbs and 6’1". Also never been lean enough to see abs clearly so there is room for improvement. My question is this, any other “veteran” lifters out there can offer trt tips or ways they could optimize training?


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You need more T.


  • High T levels
  • ~ E2=22pg/ml
  • AM cortisol >10
  • Vit-D25 -->60, 5000iu Vit-D3
  • Good thyroid status, fT3 regulates cellular energy

We can help with hormone issues in this forum that will enable your training and body composition goals.

AM cortisol
fasting glucose
fasting cholesterol - sometimes too low

You can eval overall thyroid status by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. fT3 is used by the body’s temperature control loop. fT3 regulates mitochondria that make ATP, the universal currency of cellular energy. Thyroid function can be low if you have not been using, long term, iodized salt to support thyroid hormone function.


Thank you KSman, I’ve found a doc and am 2 weeks into therapy. 100 mg of test cyp and .25 mg of arimidex every 3.5 days. .5mg was giving me joint pain so I’m still dialing in my protocol. Also doing 250 iu of hcg every other day.

Your information has been invaluable and the presentation is accurate and to the point, I really appreciate someone putting in so much work for others.

I’m planning on getting my labs done around the 6 week mark unless you think I should wait closer to the 12 week mark?


Those are some very impressive gym stats for being low T. At 6’1, 220, you are probably around what… 20-23% body fat? Just a guess. Typically you need to get down close to 15% to see abs. If you do, you will sacrifice your strength a bit so its a crap shoot. 18" arms are about the peak of anybody’s natural size, that’s a nice stat too. If you look back to the 50’s and 60’s body builders they all peaked at about 18" arms and that was before the anabolics age.


Thanks bro, fitness is my passion, religion, and pastime all rolled in one. I would presume closer to 12-15% bf as that’s how it usually comes out from caliper/electric tests… 32 in waist so I could definitely tighten up a few inches. I’ve got sh;t abdominal genetics though, so they aren’t a very good marker for body fat in my case. I’ll come in with bloods in a few more weeks and maybe do a before photo so I can see how body comp may change. Keeping expectations low


TRT will definitely boost stats. I have crap genetics. My family is short and obese but I battled the obesity with fitness. Still, abs are lost to me and I’m ok with it. Pre TRT I was 25% BF and post TRT 19%. I’m only 5’7" but TRT brought me from 180lb to 190lb over 6 month period while reducing body fat. Arms went from 16" to 17". Lifts all are up about 20%.

That all being said I’m not sure I would choose TRT again. I don’t feel it changed my well being that much. Now stuck on it.


I’m sorry it didn’t work out as well as you liked. In my short experience (5 weeks) I’ve noticed a lot more energy and possibly more optimism. But the energy has been incredible. I’m used to drinking two energy drinks a day, now I barely have any caffeine at all. Are you using hcg? Did you have depression before?


You’re going through the honeymoon phase. Starts about week 4 and lasts a month or two. Then it’s just the new you.