!!!Benched 200 for the first time!!!

Whooooooooooooooohhhhooooooooo, well it may not be that special but i am over the moon about it. I did 2-3 reps on my own then another 3-4 reps with the help of a spotter.
I’ve been busting my balls of for a long time to get to 200 and since i am only 19 years old i think i could most definately get to 300 pounds within 3-4 years time. I would like to thank you guys for helping out so much, i most probably would have still benched 200 but without the help and guidence of my fellow T-Men i wouldn’t have got there as quick.

Congrats, man. 3-4 years? BAH! With all the training and diet info available you should be able to get there in 2 years tops. If you really want to get some more pounds on your bench I have 2 words: Westside Barbell. Or is that 4 words? I guess it’d be 2 compound words. Well sir, those two compound words will set you on your way to 300.

Welcome to the club. As good as it feels right now, believe me, the ride has just begun. Buckle your set belt T-man.

Congratulations, but why try for 200 in 3-4 years? Go for a couple of thousand at least. Heh heh - goodluck.

Slaine…way to go, dawg! I’m currently riding the same boat…200 looming just around the corner. Great to hear that you plan on sticking it out and making it a true lifestyle, but like the other guys say, set your sights high, baby, and soar! You’re going to be knocking on the door sooner than you think. Just like your other T-Bros, I’m with ya, bud.

Thanks guys, Jeff i certainly hope you’re right. Bench 300 in 2 years time, that would be awesome!!!

Congrats man! God…to be 19 again…what I wouldn’t give. I hope you’re in college T-dude…at the risk of sounding like Bill Phillips, strengthen your mind and your body (awesome combo).

200 at 19 is kind of weak, but by looking at your program the mere mention of 4 forced reps shows me you don’t know what your doing. Don’t do any forced reps! Stop benching for awhile. Strengthem your back, especially pullups, external rotators , Incline then go back and test your bench I promise you will be 25 lbs heavier in 4to 6 weeks.

Slaine, good job mate, 200 is a milestone, now onward to 4 plates and then the big 3.0.0. Just a little insentive for ya, @19 yrs of age (185 lbs)I could press 225, and now at 22(195 lbs), 300 fell by the wayside with R.A.T.M blastin in my ears. Its a dam good feeling and I hope you reach it soon, best of luck.