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Bench Press Grip in Relation to Rows


Do you use exactly the same grip width for your bench press as for bb row ? or do you use another grip width for both exercises


I just go by what feels comfortable for that particular movement.


various grips for both.


My row grip seems to be a little bit closer than my bench grip. Do what's comfortable as Goodfellow does.


BB rows for lats, or for upper back?


for lats amd middle back


It varies, but generally my row grip is slightly closer than my bench. Thought I'd mention I'm tall with long arms.


My row grip is whole hand on the edge of knurling which is pretty much as close as I can get reasonably which imo should be the aim for lats, if I was doing for upper back/rear delts it would probably be wider. My bench grip is about a hand further out then my row but not too extreme.