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Belt for Benching?


Why would someone want to use a belt when bench pressing? I see people do it all the time even on submax sets?

Why is there a picture of a football player doing split squats with his front foot on a balance disk on Joe DeFranco's website? Since when do football fields have a balloon-like surface?

Why do people do box step ups with a knee lift at the top. If the purpose is to strengthen the hip flexors, does ths knee lift really do the job? I wouldn't think so. Is there some other purpose to it?


There is a time and a place for a belt when benching... when using it to hold down a bench shirt or just to look like an ass

unstable surface training can be benificial for rehab and strengthening ankles (got that one from Cressey)

The momentum of swinging the leg in a step up helps with balance (rotational inertia) and I can attest to it making a difference


And if you belt yourself to the bench, you're less likely to fall off.

Still can happen though, and then you'll be hanging from the bench with your belt. And if the buckle stays on top, you'll have to yell for someone to unbelt you.

NOT good for your reputation.


Hahahaha! Belt yourself to the bench!


i think some guys do it to control their massive buck when they bench. one of the guys at my school used to arch his back like crazy but decided to control it by belting himself. idk i dont have much of a arch problem except on my OMG I CANT DO THIS ONE rep.


Thats the funniest thing I've heard in a while


You mean,-- you really aren't joking with this response.

Trust me--your 'reputation' was shot long before you had to be unbuckled.


The belt is to keep them attached to the bench. That way, when the bar or dumbells fall sideways they won't be dragged off onto the floor, because like any well equipped lifter they're also of course benching with straps.


Why would everything fall sideways? Does this person have some kind of probelem???
If they're using DBs, they can just drop them. It would be hilarious to see someone holding onto the DB and it dragged them over the side though. I'm sure it's happened.

And this should never happen with a barbell, it's an extreme "i'm an idiot" problem. Why on earth someone would try to bench a weight that they're not sure they can lift again with no spotter is far beyond me. And then get the bar over to the side, what the?


Are the straps for the gat? I was wondering when they was gonna start bustin caps for curling in the squat rack. I bet straps for the gat would be bad hard on the lats, but caps in the ass for reppin out in the rack is just plain whack.


Yall do know that I'm talking about a lifting belt right, you know, the kind people squat with. Just making sure, I can't tell if some of you are joking or not.


i know a cat who's got a gat on his ak,
but ya gotta step on the strap to keep the muzzle flat.


Hahahaha. Benching with straps!


Misinterpretation of item number 7 from this article by Dave Tate.


Maybe not this article for some, but the misinterpretation/application of the principle. Some guys think the belt will help them achieve the tension needed in the abdomen when you're going for maximal lifts.

I avoid using any belts and straps as much as possible, sometimes I use elbow/knee wraps on really heavy lifts.

I'm assuming that's why an otherwise intelligent lifter would do it but of course there are those special folks who just always wear a belt for every excercise because Hans and Franz do.


so you guys don't bench with a belt....haha me either.......