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Beating My Roomate's Ass...


My roomate pisses me off.
He doesn't have a car, I've...
1) hooked him up a job.
2) gotten him some furniture.
3) practically drove him everyday somewhere
4) let him stay at my old place when he didn't have a place.

He is a messy fuck, who I've tried to level with rationally.
He is disrespectful making some fat chick snarky comments een when I'm doing him a favor right then.

I was more or less tellin him he needs to not leave biodegradable shit laying on the counter, when the trash is 3 feet away.

He dismissed me and didn't take me seriously when I was inciting a rational discussion.

I more or less barked at him and was 3 secs from whooping his ass before I back tracked, he did a bunch of 'we're friends' typeashit. And brought my family in saying 'YOU ARE TOO TOUCHY UR MOM SAYS THIS TOO!" and then, "WHY ARE U SUCH A CLEAN FREAK, DID YOUR GIRLFRIEND TELL YOU, YOU STINK OR SOMETHING?"

Just such dickhead remarks.

Then proceeded to make snarky comments when I took him to get key copies made, yes, he is a fuck tard who lsoes something important every other day.

This guy always make some lil judgemental one sided attacks on me, say for example I miss an exit when I give him a ride, his response will be like "THIS IS WHY U SPEND SO MUCH ON GAS, BECAUSE U SPACE OUT."

But then is the same fucktard who loses his wallet, keys, and sleeps till 6pm everyday.
I'm typically reticient about these comments cuz I feel like I am dealing with some kid.

I realize rational doesn't work. I'm on the lease with him, and he is an international from Turkey.

I told him today that basically, grace period isover, if he makes any lil annoying comment to me, I'm going to react severely. No detail given.

So...what if...I just beat the living fuck out of this guy the next time he gives me some office fat bitch snark? Like just punch him in face, see his reaction, and if he charges, then suplex his ass onto the stove and make this lil homo beg for his life?

What do you guys think the outcome of this will be?


Ya man, don't try to rationalize with foreigners, we don't do that shit..


The end.


There will be an assbeating involved, but of a different kind



I would advise against assaulting your roommate. He probably doesn't have health insurance so when you kick his ass he will press charges and you will be paying his medical bills and your own attorney fees.


Broham!111!!1!!!!!!!, luuk at da sik kuad sweep on dat guy!


Wait, is he calling you a fat bitch?


hopefully this.


No, he is some fat lanky turk, who acts like some annoying fat lady from an office floor.


Your own damn fault for rooming with a Turkish idiot.
On a related note, I'm living with a Bulgarian for the 3rd year now and we get along great. I Couldn't ask for a better dorm mate. He is usually quiet and reserved but on weekends he busts out his pro- whatever DJ set and we party that shit up.



fucking smash him and post vids, pussy.


fella.... why is he your roommate?

no violence necessary, you are an adult now, tell him what the issue is and that if he can't get things in line to some considerate and responsible behavior then he needs to find another place to live.


Just tell him you dont love him anymore like you used to and break it off peacefully.


Or add non lethal doses of arsenic to the beverages you most certainly prepare for him over a period of 5 years and give him a disease.


Bare ass his bed pillow


kick him out.


this is prob what i would do


pix of ur roomates ass or gtfo



That's a lot of complaints, he better give the best beeejay ever.