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Basketball Workout

I m a 5-9; 181 lbs Bball player here in germany and we don?t have too many people knowing there buisness like you do, I have a 26" Vert and want to finally be able to dunk on a regular basis, also do I need to improve my quickness drastically!! We don-t have a GHR or Rev Hyper though. I feel like I got much stronger using the Westside Methods, but not quicker nor did my vert improve. What can I do?

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Do you have a book or any other articles besides the “five dirty tricks” you published on t-mag, related directly to improving vertical in athelets?

I forgot:
My max low Box Squat is 135 Kg
My max Bench is 105 Kg

Hi Joe, 1st of all, you are my guru, keep it up and thanks in advance!
Here my question:
I am using the westside template for 4 month now and yes it got me stronger, but also slower and my vert decreased.
my data:
sport:basketball; 5-9; 185 lbs; 26 inch vert now 25; bench went from 87Kg to 105Kg and low boxsquat from 120Kg to 135KG (all 1RM since westside). My relative body strength also lacks from a feel. What can I do? My nutrition is not perfect, but not that bad either and I started a diet on fri. Do you have any ideas or a template I should follw to turn my weaknesses into strength (and with this info I think you have an idea of what my weaknesses are)? How often should I static stretch (I would call myself medium flexible)? I would do anything !! Please help me !!

Im interested in this also.