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Atlantic Canada Powerlifting


After searching the net and seemingly being redirected to sites that rarely get updated, I figured I'd see if any of my fellow Maritimers could chime in as to the status of powerlifting on the East Coast?

I'm in Halifax and generally train out of the Clayton Park Goodlife location (yes, I know...it is unfortunate) I'm trying to convince a close friend of mine to enter a meet with me within the calendar year, preferably 6ish months or more from now but if we have to wait longer, so be it.

I've been told the scene in PEI is booming and would certainly travel if that's the best place to be.

Your thoughts?


Hey man,

As far as the IPF/CPU goes, Nova Scotia will typically only have 1 meet a year, the Nova Scotia provincials in the spring. I think it's usually the first weekend in may. PEI will usually have about three meets a year, a provincials in January, and a couple others. There's also the possibility of Eastern Canadian's being held in either province, I don't keep up with the CPU any more, so I'm not really sure. New Brunswick has nothing, and I'll assume you aren't willing to spend money on travelling to NFLD if you don't have to.

There's also the option of lifting in the CPF, which is a multi ply fed ( but has divisions for raw, and tested/untested if you guys are into that). The club I used to train at is hosting a meet this april 21st, and another at some point in the fall.

So, you've got some options


Hey Guys

FYI, There is a CPU meet in Charlottetown next weekend. It would be to late to get into that one. Check powerlifting.ca for announcements of other CPU maritime meets. It is regularly updated.

East Coast Fitness in Halifax used to be the place for powerlifting. I think this is still the case if you are looking for a place to train.

Ghost, where is that multiply meet in April being held? Thanks.


The multiply meet is in Amherst, NS

Here's the entry form, etc



I live not far from ECF and will likely make the switch once I have a car again. Obviously I know people travel much further for great training environments, but the convenience factor has me stuck at GL currently.

Thanks for the info everyone!


No problem, you can PM me or post back here if you have any questions I might be able to help out with


Very good. Maybe I will see you there.