Aspiration: Air Bubbles vs. Air Pockets?

On this site How to Give a Shot of Testosterone: 14 Steps (with Pictures) it claims aspirating the syringe pre-injections involves removing all air bubbles and drawing up the plunger to the point of seeing a tiny bit of liquid come out of the needle.

Previous instruction I follow informed me to leave a tiny air pocket in the syringe to ensure all the liquid is removed from the tube and you’ll hear a faint noise when it hits the air pocket. According to that article im injecting air bubbles that could lead to embolism, any idea which is true?

Also I thought to aspirate was when you pull back on the syringe to ensure there is no blood in it (you haven’t hit a vein or something)

Remove all air from the syringe. And yes the point of aspirating is to make sure you’re not in a vein

Yes it is necessary to remove the air before injecting. As far as aspirating goes I’ve heard both ways. Personally I never aspirate. I just poke and inject and many others I have talked to do the same. Its just what you feel comfortable doing.