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Arkansas State HS Weight Meet and Advice

I just got back from the Arkansas weight meet. I am from Greenbrier and we got second in the 4AAAA division. I set a new PR in the power clean with 155 and tied my PR with 150 on bench press. I was in the 123 division and am 14 years old. ONe guy in my division set a state record with a bench of 220. In the heavyweight division a new state record was set with 470.

Tomorrow I am going on massive eating and am planning on bulking to 150 pounds for football season. Any advice would be helpful. I have to do the crappy football workouts that we have monday-thursday, lower and back/upper/abs/lower and back/upper and abs. I can workout on saturday but i will not have access to a cable machine. What kind of workout do you think i should do then? any help appreciated

expound on your football program and we can help you out more.

you competed in just power clean and bench?


Arkansas and Florida have weightlifting as a sport in the spring. I am from Florida, so I will comment on it there.

You do a 1-second pause bench press, and the clean and jerk. That is it.

It was not uncommon for guys in my area to clean and jerk 1.75-2X their body weight at 17 years old. You can easily do a gole search to see what the meet results are for state meets.

Weightlifting helped guys who weren’t really track type guys to stay under a coach’s supervision during the football off-season.

I was a pus by my school’s standards (save for squatting), and my numbers were:

Senior year at 165lbs:

C&J: 275
Bench: 305
Squat: 365 X 12 with a BFS mercury beeper (no cheating, period)
Vertical: 36
40: 4.43 electronic
100m: 10.83 electronic

Speed really came from just always being in top shape, as I played Soccer in the winter (it is a winter sport in FL), and played pick-up BB until 11 most nights.

The thing that really helped me was the strength, as I am slightly rate dominant. We never did plyos… or rarely, yet we always had the top 3-5 triple and long jumpers in the area… and we are an all-white school.

Just a good lifting program which embraced the ability to keep kids competing in a sport aimed at the needs of football: weightlifting. As a strength coach now, I look back at what we did in HS, and my coach was on the ball… htis was in 1990. Way ahead of his time.

BTW~ since I rally was a pus according to weightlifting standards in Florida, I did track and tennis in the spring, not weightlifting. Better to be an All-Region performer in two sports than get killed in weightlifting… of course, where I am from, tennis players were considered fags… oh-well.

What I love is that this kid already benches and cleans more than his body weight at 14, and I have seen scholarship football players at 18 come into college not doing this…so funny. Sad is the disparity between different states and the fitness of the kids. Came to Indiana and many kids can’t even BW squat to parallel… amazing. But, they kick ass at Madden.

To the 14-year old from ARK:

Great job kid! Keep up the good work. Let the weight come naturally from eating frequently and working hard. During my four years in HS I weighed for football at: 103 (FR), 122 (So), 142 (Ju), and 165 (Se). I was 5’7 when I was a freshman, so I didn’t even make a decent girl. The weight will come… keep up the hard work!

silver…spruce creek has an awesome weightlifting team here in FL. i’d actually kinda like to train with them to get olympic technique nailed down…there are just no good coaches around here that i know of.

come to think of it i think my district had weightlifting as a sport but too few kids actually did it to make it known. i know they benched, not sure what else they did

thanks for the posts guys. As far as my lifting gos on monday and wednsday we do lower body and back with
push press
calf raises
back extension
lat pulldowns
box jumps
then speed/agility/skill work
we cycle the rep schemes from 3x10,3x8,3x3,5-3-1, which usualy two weeks on each phaese.
For upperbody
Shoulder work(we cycle the excercises)
lateral raises on the incline bench
incline flyes
dumbell pullovers
preacher curls
other bi and tri work(we cycle these to)

I can stay after practice sometimes to work, then i usually do rack lockouts and bicep work. My speed is something i really need improvement in. I was timed at a 5.3. Any programs or any advice to lower my forty times to sub 5 would help a lot, but i have yet to find any here. Thanks again

Drew Pate


This is gonna sound twisted, and your H.S. coach is gonna hate me for saying this. HOWEVER, by the end of the next football season, you’ll be bigger, stronger, and probably faster, if you eat clean, lift regularly, do wind sprints, and DON’T play football. Football doesn’t BUILD strength; it USES the strength that you build during the off-season.
Strength & courage,
Coach Joe