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Anything Besides Water During Your Workout?


I have always only drank water during lifting but lately it seems like I end up drinking too much water and then I feel like crap during my workout. Do you guys drink other stuff besides water to help your workout?





Xtend during cardio, Surge during lifting.


I was drinking VPX Snythasize during my workout. What about drinking a straight BCAA drink?


Exactly how much is "too much"?

Also, how soon before training is your last meal? The combo of "too much" food (and/or food that's too heavy) plus "too much" water could be what's causing you problems.

For the last few months, I've been using the Anaconda Protocol 2 (Anaconda, Surge Workout Fuel, and MAG-10) mixed with about a half-gallon of water.

Some people find it easier to take a few weeks to gradually work up to increasing the fluids taken during training.

In any case, you almost always want to be drinking something other than plain water during your workouts.