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Anyone Work with Dr. Jim Meehan?

Thinking about switching from my GP and he’s somewhat local to me. His protocol is test C/P blend, HCG and compounded
cream with test/pregnenalone/DHEA/vit D. Seems like a combo of popular delivery methods.

I’ve been in contact with his office on pricing, bloodwork, etc. I’m not sold on HCG and asked if it was an option to not use it and if that would lessen the price. I thought it was a pretty simple question but was told I would have to book a $250 consult with Dr Meehan to get an answer and I would be credited the cost if I became a patient. This has kind of turned me off to going there but maybe there’s someone here that uses Dr. Meehan and can let me know if he requires the use of HCG. The other obvious option is Defy,
there’s also SummaUP who I haven’t read much about but they offer a free 15
minute consult which is nice.

He can’t require you to take hcg. Although alot of guys do good on it. I like it.

Sure, and I’m not opposed to trying HCG.
My thought is to start with test only, make sure that I get things somewhat stable, then add HCG. I’ve read too many cases of guys chasing E2, water and bloating sides, raised BP etc. and trying to figure out if they should lower test dose, lower HCG, change injection frequency, etc. Presumably that’s what you’re paying the doc to help with but it seems it would be so much easier to introduce one at a time.

I think you have to be in agreement with your doc and follow their guidance in order to have a proper relationship, otherwise what are you paying them for anyway?

Well really the responsible thing to do is educate yourself and understand everything so that you know exactly Why you are doing what you are. I pay my Dr for access to the meds that i need in pharmaceutical quality. I would never just take A or B because a Dr told me to. A or B isnt going into my body unless agree with it and the dosage. You are the only one that has to live with the consequences of your medical decisions, both long and short term.