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Anyone try WS4SB?


I started my ME Bench workout yesterday. I like the template, but what kinda results would I see in around 2-3 months on my big 3


Our new guys usually put 30-70 lbs on their lifts the first 3-4 months. We don't run the SB version though. We just run the regular template. I think a huge part of those initial gains are technique fixes and the increased intensity from training with the team.


I've added and taken away from that program and while I don't think it helped me as much, my athletes have experienced incredible gains. The strength gains come from just doing the movements, these kids are so raw sometimes that doing anything will make them stronger, but I and my athletes have put on appreciable size from it as well.

I got faster off of it too, probably b/c I never did any sort of jump/plyometric training before. I like it for a newbie, not cut and dry powerlifting, not cut and dry bodybuilding, but has a mix of everything and keeps younger guys interested and older guys motivated.