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Anyone Megadosing Iodine Supps(Potassium Iodide)?


I read a thing the other day about megadosing iodine supplements to improve thyroid function. These guys were taking quite a bit, like close to 1000mg per day. They reported great results as well, claiming improved skin condition(reduced appearance of eczema, softer acne scars), reduced weight(36" to 32" waist without dieting), increased energy, etc.

Just curious if any of the guys on here had heard of this, and had tried it themselves. Would love to hear BBB's take on this. I've been thinking about trying it out, though at a lower dose.


I would think the only reason to take a iodine supplement if you have some form or hypothyroidism. Increasing the activity of you thyroid would lead to a higher metabolism as the thyroid is responsible for releasing the hormones triiodothyroxine(T3) and thyroxine(T4) that control metabolism.


from what i know of the thyroid is that when you start F'ing around with it (forceing it to work harder) you stand the chance of causing a permanent slow down . i remember reading tests where people were taking thyroxin to boost metebolism and then when they stopped natrual thyroid production had slowed alot by about 15/20 % if i remember right ( it was about 6 years ago ).


The Japanese.

If it ain't broke, be very careful when you try to fix it. I'd probably use HOT-ROX or something more "proven".


True enough, but there is a difference between taking the actual hormone(T3, T4), and taking a supplement which will boost production(KI). Kind of like the difference between test boosters and actual test injections. Sure, coming off test booster can cause temporary suppression, but nothing permanent. test, on the other hand, has the potential to cause permanent issues.

NOTE: I am not trying to start a discussion about steroid usage, I know test can be used for years with no ill side effects, depending on the person, the dosage, etc. Just making a comparison between the two situations.


The sodium-iodide symporter will regulate the amount of iodide that is transported to produce thyroid hormones...so, i don't believe supplementing iodine will do anything unless you are deficient...

possibly it has other effects on skin...i don't really know...


Based only off google, thsi sounds like an amazingly shitty idea.

Emergency potassium iodide pills used for nuclear emergencies are 130mg, and that's 666 times the daily requirement.

High doses are sometimes used to suppress thyroid function, which seems, you know, bad.


I try to read most things with a cynical outlook, and while this looked too good to be true, it is intriguing. What I read came across as one of those 'we know more than medical professionals, cause you know they just want you sick and fat so they can get your money'-Kevin Trudeau type things. I do believe there is something to some of the 'natural remedies' and cures (example- curcumin vs. NSAIDs), but unfortunately too many scam artists live in that realm, so it is hard to pick through the trash.