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Anyone have NSCA review materials?

Hey guys, I am planning on getting NSCA-CPT certification within the next couple months, but the price of those review materials…damn…I spend too much $$$ on juice and supplements to afford it and a NSCA membership, plus the registration and exam costs! I would say I am very well read on exercise physiology and nutrition, and beginning to know what I am talking about on steroids, however I still think it would be best I bought the review materials. Can anyone tell me if they were all that useful for them, if you started with a large knowledge base to begin with? If you think the review materials are unneccessary, what sources do you recommend? I know a lot about personal training geared towards bodybuilders like us, but I am just worried about my lack of knowledge when it comes to training old fat farts and such, and the approaches towards them. Any comments appreciated, thank you.

SBL, I just recently took the CSCS and used the review materials. It’s been about 2 years since I’ve graduated college with an exercise science degree, so most of the physiology, nutrition, and exercise was still somewhat fresh in my mind. The study materials were generally helpful in that they provided a good review of the core material that was presented on the exam. If you do not want to purchase the materials, review your muscular anatomy, basic nutritional guidelines(food pyramid, macronutrient breakdowns), guidlines for training special populations(elderly, high BP, Obese, Children, etc.), proper exercise technique, and general periodisation. If you have any books by the ACSM, they may be a helpful source of info. If you have any other questions, let me know.

Human Kinetics has a book called “Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning”. It’s specifically made for the test. I have the 2nd edition. Not that I’m planning to do the test or anything. Just looked to be filled with good info. Still have to go through it however. I use some of the charts for calculating maxes. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Buy the book and the video with the the practical exercises. Its basically a how to video on about 30 some lifts. I took the CPT and found that the video helped a lot, minor things in form that you might not catch. The test is thorough but not hard. Good luck
Greg Gonzales