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Anyone Familiar with Rugbyzone?

Setanta US has closed up shop at the beginning of the Tri-Nations. Luckily, they televise matches on BBC America, but I will miss out on Super 14. I searched online and the “best” site looks like www.rugbyzone.com. They show live matches on broadband and have a pretty extensive archive.

Anyone here use their services?

Not yet I haven’t … have you used it?

Yeah I use rugbyzone.com — but not to watch any matches live. I’ll just watch some old matches. I’m not a long time rugby fan, I just started playing last fall. What exactly are you wondering about it?

This is another good site to check out:


Thanks, for the responses.

@polo- I haven’t. It’s a $130 yearly subscription, so I wanted to see if anyone was familiar with it and that it was on the up and up.

@hockechamp- I just wanted to see if you thought it was worth the fee. I mean, on paper, it’s a rugger’s dream. Btw, what position do you play?

@cremaster- Thanks for the link. That’s pretty awesome. I mean, looking at the basketball and baseball alone is overwhelming.

Its a spinoff of mediazone which i have had mixed success with in the past.

I actually had a specialist cricket Satalite installed to get 280 days of cricket, fuckin awesome, i pray i can find something similar for rugby.