Anybody Have Experience With Semaglutide While On TRT?

I was prescribed semaglutide for weight loss specifically. I am currently on 200mg a week of Test Cyp a week with eod injections. I heard stories of people who feel fatigue on semaglutide but I usually take b12 sublingually so would that help with mitigating potential side effects of Semaglutide?

I also want to know would I lose muscle if I am on TRT while cutting on Semaglutide.

There is a recent thread that gets into this.

@swoops39 and @Andrewgen_Receptors may have some input.


I’m not aware of Sema doing anything to B12 levels. If it lowers them, then taking a supplement may help. If not, no clue. I’ve never used it.

GLP-1 receptors make me feel like shit overall but do help to lose weight. I think that timing them is what is important so you can get about your day with the least amount of side effects and take them at night

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Would you suggest splitting the dose multiple times a week?


Adding some clarification on what it does. This from a site describing the injectable version of the drug.

It works by increasing insulin levels in your body, which decreases your blood sugar (glucose). It also reduces the amount of sugar released into the blood and slows down your digestion. It can also be used to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke in people with type 2 diabetes. Changes to diet and exercise are often combined with this medication.

People really need to stop taking semaglutide for weight loss until supply can meet demand… so many people with well controlled type 2 diabetes being taken off semaglutide because metabolically healthier (relative to T2D) people are taking it for weight loss

It works… but wealthy people hogging private scripts for the stuff has led to a dire shortage…

Where are you seeing this issue? Most peeps are just getting theirs UGL for 1/4th the price. Mine shipped in 3 days for “research”.


Personally I am asking for a hypothetical reason as the semaglutide I have is for research purposes only. I got prescribed it but I didn’t end up using the script :wink:

In Aus there’s a supply shortage until April 2023 at the earliest. Ditto with Europe, Aus doesn’t seem to have UGL semaglutide (I don’t use the drug, but I know many who would benefit if a “research” grade alternative was available here.)

The shortage (been going on for 6+ months now) was due to wealthy people getting private scripts off label for weight loss. Not TGA approved for weight loss here…

You sure? In Europe we are in dire straits for all kinds of standard medications. It’s been ongoing for a year now. Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, tamoxifen, several blood pressure medications, the list goes on and on. It’s not because other people buy the stuff illegally. It’s a problem with the supply chain because our governments pushed all production out of Europe. I’m not sure about Aussie obviously but here, no one is blaming off-label prescriptions.

Oh I forgot, regarding semaglutide, it’s a GLP-1 analogon which means it does not directly stimulate insulin release (like for example glibenclamide would do) but only increases insulin release when sugar is around and insulin secretion would anyways be happening. Therefore there’s very little risk of hypoglycemia. Problem with all of the glutides is the level of pancreas toxicity which seems to be rather rare but leads to a severe condition. It decreases hunger as well and helps the other calories be stored effectively. Together with a workout regimen it aids in nutrient partitioning.

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Atm we have a shortage of certain antibiotics alongside a few generic meds (there’s a list, nowhere near as bad as being short on acetaminophen)

But semaglutide was hit very hard as it was being prescribed en masse, off label for weight loss.

I’m 2 weeks into my semaglutide run.

I’m pinning .25mg E3.5D, so I’m off protocol for how to dose it. Probably should have followed protocol but i didnt feel much by halfway through week 1.

GI is a bit messed up as it slows down your digestion. Not a huge fan of this.

I am fucking TIRED on this. Sleep is affected, and goddamn I am exhausted throughout the day.

Hunger is absolutely reduced. I often struggle to get through meals 3/4 my usual size. Does not kick food cravings; just because you aren’t hungry doesn’t mean you won’t crave things.

Scale weight has dropped from 216.7 to 211.3 in 2 weeks, which lines up with my calculated deficit. I was already in a deficit before starting Sema so glycogen depletion is likely not a large factor.

Libido has taken a small hit. Likely secondary factor to lethargy.

If results continue as they are now, this will likely remain a cutting tool for me in the future. Goal is to lean out to around 195lbs (estimated 8-10% BF).


For me into a week, I lost 10 pounds already. I still eat around 2000+ calories a day and still feel hungry sometimes but I definitely eat much less than before.

I pin .25 a week and I don’t feel any different except for losing fat.

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They list ozempic as having a half life of 7 days. Makes sense with a once a week injection.

I think you switched protocol to soon to evaluate if you’d get the hunger reducing effects, since it hadn’t built up in your system. With a 7 day half life, and once a week injections the dose in your system mathematically approaches double the dose of the injection (ex. Say your dose was 1mg/wk. After one week you have 0.5 still in your system and pin another mg for 1.5 mg, the next week after pinning you are at 1.75, … You never get to double, bit get really close).

Why I mention this. You said 0.5 mg/wk had good effects on hunger, but you have some negatives. It’s possible something like 0.125 twice a week might get you the hunger reduction with less sides. Maybe split the difference and try .375 mg split a week?

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I should have done less but i was hasty. Not sure I’m able to adjust dose quite so easily as this is a very small volume, but that’s much moreso along the lines of how I’d do it next time.

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i took one dose in the past, 0.15mg or so. followed was 3 days of vomiting (stopped by taking zofran), 2-4 weeks feeling like shit and 0 energy at gym.
you loose weight, mostly due to vomiting and nausea.
and yes, half life is a beast. takes 5 weeks to leave your body

I just got mine last night. I could only squeeze in 4 mL of BAC water. I think it’s a 3 mL vial I squeezed 4 mL into haha.

I was really hoping it would come in a 10 mL vial to make twice a week dosing easier. I am at 1.25 mg/mL, but with 0.125 mg shots, that 0.1 mL. Not very much. I am using slin pins for it, so not much waste, but I’d like to be pinning more volume so that less percent is waste anyways. Also, if I can’t get the little air bubble out, that contributes to a lot of error in my dosing.

I am thinking that I might by some sterile vials and transfer the 4 mL to that, then fill to 10 mL total. Then 0.125 mg is 0.25 mL. IDK. Maybe not worth it.

I did take one 0.125 mg shot yesterday night. The only thing I’d say I notice at this point is I think I am burping more. Could just be an off day too? IDK. Not super hungry, but most of my hunger unfortunately comes around 11 PM at night when I am already in bed, and keeps me awake. Hoping this helps with that.

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I didn’t notice a real change in hunger until i did my 2nd pin 3.5d later, then hunger literally disappeared.

Keep an eye out for gut motility… you may benefit from going on ~10min walks post-meal to help keep stuff moving.

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