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Any Guys Here On Ciallis?


Any guys here has a scrip for or tried Ciallis?

My doc threw some at me while I was in his office yesterday... Gave me a free 30 day supply actually. I have tried Viagra before and it just gave me a major anxiety attack on 50MG, so I am reluctant to try anything else for ED. He said that Ciallis is a little smoother, and I can drink on it? Also at 5mg pills I've got a pretty small dose that I can try a little at a time and not take a massive amount right away.

Anyways, if you have tried it do you love it? hate it?

God knows if you read the literature on this stuff or any drug now adays, you will be scared to DEATH to take it... So I stopped reading halfway through! haha

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Took some before I was on TRT. It definitely had an effect on the frequency and strength. Kind of fun, actually. No other adverse reactions. Now that I'm on TRT, I don't feel the need anymore (for additional help that is).


I have a script for 5 mg, which does very little for me...if I take two (10 mg total) its a bit better...I have never taken 4 at a time, to get to 20 mg, and I'm currently out, but I think that would be most helpful for me....I think the available doses are 5, 10, and 20 mg....

I'm going to go back to my urologist and request to be bumped up from 5 mg script to 10 mg....

the problem is the fucking cost is outrageous....with my insurance, which the pharmacy told me was pretty generous, it was $5/pill....they came in 10 pill increments, so $50 a pop is quite a hit on the bankroll....

I dont think the generic will hit the market for at least 3 or 4 more years, maybe longer....

Is your "30 day supply" actually 30 pills @ 5 mg? If you don't have the "for daily use" type (I think there are two types) then you can stretch that out for a pretty long time....not sure about that part...

Of note: you can get it cheaply online as a research chem under its generic name "tadalafil"


Thanks for the replies! My insurance doesn't cover any ED drugs (Bastards!) -- So I would definitely need a cheap source if I like this stuff. I wouldn't mind having a bit more confidence even when my junk gets back closer to 100% as my TRT ramps up. I'll try this stuff out on Saturday night with my lady and report back to you guys after the weekend!

Yeh I got the 5mg tabs, because I told the doc I didn't want a huge dose. I am scared to take meds, and last time I tried a 50mg Viagra I about ended up in the ER! haha... My wife freaked out because I got so flush, and she said I was acting disoriented and stuff. Good times! Not... haha -- So my doc says this will be more mellow, and I can pop 5mg in the morning, then maybe take another one in the evening if I want or whatever -- up to 4 of these a day, if I can tollerate it.

Thanks guys!


My Rx plan only covers 6 ED pills/month so I actually got the 20mg Cialis pills, cut them into fourths and take it daily (I make up the 6 day shortage by not taking during my wife's time of the month). It has worked great for me. Taking ~5mg daily means that it builds up without the annoying symptoms of the big one time doses. It has completely taken care of any ED issues that I've had.

Compared to Viagra, I have found it much more effective with no stuffy nose. Everyone is different but I would recommend - it hasn't let me down yet (pun intended). The only thing that sucks is that the first week can get pretty uncomfortable - especially in the mornings when T is higher.