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Anger, Irritabilty, and TRT


Does TRT cause anger and irritability issues? My labs are all in check but I've noticed the above symptoms the first few days after my weekly injection and also towards the end of the week when my T is wearing off. My last labs showed a T level at 450 and my Estrogen was 16. I take 100mg of test 1x week and 1mg of Arimidex split 2x week.


You would likely experience less of this with bi-weekly injections. Split your dose into (2) 50mg injections rather than 1 100mg. It will help keep a more steady level, which should even you out. Also, your E2 is a touch low, you might consider reducing your AI a little.


Both bi-weekly injections and hcg helped me with mood. Also killed my e2 before discovering I’m an over-responder. Had anger until I adjusted the dose.

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Do injections twice a week and always do labs 1/2 between injections. Then lab values will be much more useful.

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Have you read the thyroid basics sticky?

There can be issues other than T and E2 that affect your mood.