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Androsol use

Bill or Brock:
I’ll be trying Androsol soon. Where should I spray it?
I hear that the testicle area has the highest absorption
rate, but wouldn’t that be a little dangerous?

LOL didn’t you read your bottle or the instructions that come with it? That is the last place you would want to spray it other then maybe in your mouth or eyes.

Early on in the development of Androsol I did it in purpose – sprayed the testicles – though I knew it was a bad idea, because I also knew that some of our customers would do it and we needed to know what happened.

It is very painful indeed to do this. It’s not because of the 4-AD: it’s the isopropyl alcohol. Even 70% isopropyl alcohol that you buy at the drugstore is quite painful on the scrotum, and 100% as in Androsol is even worse. This I believe is because the subcutaneous nerves of the scrotum are unusually close to the surface, and their cell membranes become partially disrupted by the high alcohol concentration experienced.

Even overspray of Androsol, aimed at the thighs but hitting the scrotum, is a little painful.

In any case there’s no point: the area of the scrotum is small compared to the rest of the body so the total amount that would go through is nothing much.

I survived, but Androsol on the scrotum is something best left to S&M dominatrixes.