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Androsol+Tribex Stack

Has anyone any thoughts on what i hope is an economical and effective way to stack Androsol and Tribex.

I’m currently about to start a T-Dawg style diet (with meltdown style training) and to reduce the loss of LBM i’ve decided to use Androsol. I was a bit worried about the possibility of T suppression and don’t have endless cash to spend on lots of Tribex to boost it up so this is what i thought i’d do.

35-70 Sprays Androsol in the AM and wash it off prior to 8pm so that the rise and fall of the androgen mirrors the rise and fall of natural T to avoid suppressive feedback in the HTPA (this was proposed by Tim in an old ‘Behind the Scenes’ article).

Then to make the most (economical) use of the Tribex i'd only supplement with it in the evening so as to maximise my LH ouput overnight which in turn will aid my natural T high in the morning.

I’ll also be supplementing with ZMA.

Does this sound right or am i missing something. I’ve searched the archives for all the info i could get on this so i think i’m right in my understanding of the way these products work with the body but then i’m no biologist.

Anyway all i have to work with at the moment is 1 x Androsol,1 x Tribex and 1 x ‘M’ plus some ZMA so if you’ve any ideas on how i can use these better i’d like to hear them.

Not sure at the moment where i’ll use the ‘M’ in this supplement scheme.

And to any UK T-Mag readers, have you ordered from the Biotest UK website, do they offer the same 3 for 2 deals as the US site, they don't advertise it on the site.


Why is it i never get any comment on any of my posts?

This isn’t a dumb question is it? No flames please, just contructive comment.

Hey that’s a good question and a good theory regarding the use of the Tribex. This protocol (androsol) has worked well for others but I think the main reason is due to the lower dosage being used and maybe lower absorption due to showering earlier then normal and not necessarily because the morning only usage is not interfering with the HPTA axis. It seems 4-androstendiole has a long active life in the body as evidenced by how many people note good gains on week 3 of their 2 week cycles with both mag 10 and androsol. As for the use of your tribex it certainly shouldn’t hurt anything and may in fact help so I’d experiment with it and see.

I bought 2 bottles of MD6 from the UK Biotest site recently, but didn’t get any freebies. I don’t think they run that deal, but try emailing them in person. By the way, MD6 is no longer available from Cyberflex, biotest was the only website I could find it still available on.

Thats exactly what I’m doing right now - 70 sprays androsol in AM with vitex (or M) and 4 tribex befor bed. I do the tribex 5 days on, 2 off each week.