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Anavar Only PCT, How Long Before Tbol?


Stats are 198 pounds at 5'11 and 10%bf. 1 rep maxes are bench 290, squat 370, dead 420.

I ran anavar only at 60mg Ed for 6 weeks and I'm finishing up my second week of PCT. I ran nolva at 40 mg a day for the first week and 20 a day for the second week. I didn't feel shut down at all. I've also been on milk thistle since 2 weeks pre cycle. Is this 2 weeks of 40/20 enough PCT? Is it safe to stop nolva now or should I do another week at 20?

Also I want to run either tbol or another var cycle for 6 weeks fairly soon before I go on a work exchange. I will be training when I move but won't have access to any gear. How long do I have to wait after my current PCT to run a tbol only cycle for 6 weeks? Would you guys recommend tbol over var for lean mass and strength gains? Thanks


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