Anavar and Proviron (Mesterolone) Cycle

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Has anyone had experience running these two compounds together?

I’m considering a 6-7 week blitz of:

100mg Annavar ED
25mg Proviron ED
10-20mg Nolva PCT…1-2 weeks
40mg+ Annavar will still inhibit natural testosterone production (not to the same extent as say tes enthanate etc.), - the Proviron will act as an anti-estrogen and help with erectile function…PCT would be Clomid or Nolva.

Any critical analysis would be appreciated



Not a good idea for lots of reason.

You do not have any aromatising compounds, so to say that you will use proviron as an AI shows that you do not understand the compounds that you are using. Also proviron is not an ‘anti estrogen’

Anavar only will trash your lipids, shut you down to some extent and possibly tank your estrogen and give you very little in terms of gains.

If you want to run oral’s only then use a compound that converts to estrogen.

I wouldn’t recommend an oral only cycle, results are going to be underwhelming and they are far harsher on your system then injectable testosterone.

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This seems like a bad idea. Have you ever done a cycle before? An oral only cycle? Ever had bloods done? I highly suggest you run test with your Anavar. That shit will suppress your test levels. YES Anavar is considered to be mild… But if it shuts your Test down, you’ll be a guy with no Test and a lot of money wasted on Var. Prov won’t help much with your dick function if your levels are low or bottomed out. I think you should do some more research about how you shouldn’t run Var without something to supplement the Test… Google can teach a lot in just a few minutes. Anavar is a great tool to add to a cycle, but you have to run it with the right stuff. I don’t see you making many gains, if any, off of this proposed cycle. I see it as doing more bad than good.

Moral of the story: Gotta get on the needle bro!

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Cheers chaps

I appreciate the honest and constructive feedback.

All taken on board ;0)