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Anadrol and Gyno

I got a friend that is experiencing gyno symptoms from the drol.He's allready on nolva @ 40 mg a day.Any input is greatly appreciated fellas........for his sake and for my future cycleing.Peace and have Merry Christmas Bros.

Get Swole.


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I'll second what bushy said. I've used drol and never had any gyno problems. However, I did my homework before I started and those two suggestions are the only ones I came up with. ALSO I'd reccomend NOT to eat sloppy while on drol. IMO it has a tendency to make you fat. COmpared to many other types of gear I've used. By sloppy I mean watch out for fatty foods and things high in saturated fat (fast food). Bobo on another board mentioned this before and I tend to believe him.


Bushido you forgot solutions number 3: Stop using it.


bushido, I stand corrected.


Also, as a key note, Arimidex and Femara are useless in combating gyno when using A-bombs.


I thought that d/t it's structure, it activated the progesterone receptor,,, if the individual was susceptible of course...The cabergoline and bromocriptine are defense mechanisms against prolactin, which does increase from tren and deca, and can be the culprit of the sexual sides people experience while taking these AAS...Try throwing in some b-6 and vitex.



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Bushido, I know what ya mean bro...Everybody has their own opinion, and you know what they say about opinions,,,They are like assholes-everybody has one and some are bigger than others,lol.
Nowadays, all you have to do is write a book on something and you're considered an expert,,,if only it were that simple, lol.
p.s. how are things going? Are you running anything right now?



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Bushido, It sounds like you are on your way to 220 my friend...As for me, I am making great gains naturally right now and have been off for almost 6 months...So I am going to ride this out for as long as possible before I decide to take the plunge again...Currently hovering around 240 at 6 %. Enjoy the holidays.



Thanks fellas.So the nolva should do the trick?



Katz I thought that you used to weight more then that?



240 at 6% is a fucking monster! You are the man MK.



Thanks fellas


Anyone else care to shed some light on this please.



what is gyno?




Anyone with experience of this sort please help me out.Thanks



Ha ha. Reliable peeps...

Those reliable peeps are wrong about basically everything. Here's why..

A cursory knowledge of anadrol would tell these reliable peeps that since anadrol is derived from DHT (as is winstrol), it would likely have the same progesterone inhibiting ability as the winstrol would. In numerous studies, we see anadrol inhibiting progeserone biosynthesis in women.

Here's one, if you want to look it up:

Am J Obstet Gynecol. 1975 Jan 1;121(1):121-6.

As for the idea that letrozole won't help gyno "caused" by progesterone(or that AI's won't help that kind), that's bullshit. The basic biology of breast cancer and breast tumors (which is what gyno is...a benign breast tumor) indicates that estrogen contributes to its development, and that it is essentially estrogen dependant. Nearly all existing mammary tumor models in most species confirm this. Human models, animal studies, in vitro, in vkivo...you name it...it's estrogen, not progesterone. Estrogen grows the gyno, not progesterone. Concerning progesterone, actually, In some studies it actually has an inhibiting effect on breast cancer growth and tumor development.

Harris JR, Lippman ME, Morrow M, Osborne CK, editors. Diseases of the breast. 2nd ed. Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins; 2000. p. 335-54.

Ergo, there is no real "progesterone" gyno, and AIs will work for gyno of any kind.

Letrozole actually reduces progesterone levels in the body, if you are interested. Sooo....even if there were progesterone gyno (ha ha), letro would get rid of it.

Reliable peeps = waste of time
They're right as often as a broken clock....maybe less.