An Over 50 Lifter Forum?

Hi Ya all :slight_smile:
I enjoy this over 35 forum. It is a significant distance for a body between 35 and 50, at least for me at 53 I feel a hella lot more rough than I did 18 years ago. I therefore thought I’d posit the question of, “Do we need an over 50 lifter forum to allow for the differences caused by aging?”

That is all.
Thank you & God Bless


I don’t know. 35 to 50 didn’t seem any rougher for my than 50 on. There’s the thing of disease and stuff we get after 50 that gets in the way, but seems much the same to me.

Been brought up several times and nothing’s come of it. How many members do you think you’ll get? Narrow the field and you’ll narrow the input. Besides, I like talking with the “kids” in the over 35 Forum. Never had a problem asking questions and getting answers in there. They stay a lot more up on new stuff than us old codgers.


Been proposed many times.

I’ve nothing against it, but I’m unlikely to use it. I prefer to hang out with people stronger than myself because it encourages me to become stronger and I like to be around people somewhat younger than myself for a similar reason. Mostly for brain/attitude reasons, since time can’t be undone…

I would say yes.

I am still strong for 59. But it was effortless to make it happen when I was around 35-40. Now it takes so much more time to warm up and get going.

May not be one now. But if this forum last long enough their will probable be one some day.


I hear everyone. It has been tried. It didn’t stick.

Copy & Roger that :slight_smile:

Now that I am almost 63, it is definitely much harder to workout than it has been when I was 40+.
Warming up takes 30 minutes now and stamina is almost an everyday challenge while working out.


I am approaching 69 y/o (it’s hard to even type that) and still lift regularly. I can overlift many young punks at my gym, though my numbers aren’t what I want them to be. Stick to powerlifting routine and programing. I like hearing about guys in my age group that still lift. The “over 35” group not as interesting. Most of my “regular” friends are not as interested in the gym as I am, though are still somewhat active.


I’m 52 and finding that more men 40-50 are approaching me and asking how to start lifting.
Most have never done weights or it’s been years
A lot of the anti-aging gurus are now pushing weights.

Ill be 46 next week, imo…its not just the age of the vehicle…its the mileage on the clock too. Ive met many 50, 60+ year olds in gyms over the years that are as fresh as daisy’s because they had nice little cozy office jobs pushing pens 9-5, at the other end there were guys busted by their 30s and 40s from working in mines or construction sites 12hrs a day.
As they say, the candle that shines twice as bright burns out twice as fast.

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I heard that!
II come from coal miners, farmers, and lumber workers. We’re strong AF but not all go to a gym and we’re not pretty. It’s a breed - Ugly Bad Man
I think🙄
But sure, if I had not enlisted and been to war by age 20, been in a traumatic burn in a confined space, I’d be quite a bit better for wear.

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I agree that an over 50 is needed. Bottomline is that after 50 you need to approach things a bit different. The concepts and the application doesn’t change, but how you use them and the problems you are trying to overcome are different.

Some are that you gain fat differently and burn it differently. Tactics that worked at 40 don’t, so I have to change my approach. Muscles are not the problem, joints and muscle attachments are an issue. Intensity is no longer my friend, ask my blown calf or neck arthritis. Many of this would not be of interest at 40, but at 60 hell, yeah. So, over 50 I would be in.


It occurs to me, after a comment from my wife last evening, that maybe my bodyfat is redistributing itself somehow? Does that happen?

I have been pretty much out of the gym completely since Februry bc of a rotator cuff, and my own stubborness not wanting to work around it.
Went back Tuesday, and it is feeling awesome to lift anything!
I am doing treadmill, seated rows, and some dumbbell work for chest, plus upper arm stuff thus far. I’ll add very light stuff as I progress. Have a referral for an ortho doc in about a month I think it is.
My personal dr said it isn’t torn (rotator cuff), but that it is a tendon thing the name of which I can’t remember. So it ought not require surgery. I’ll forecast some PT. fine, whatever. Meanwhile, I intend to keep my ass in the gym as much as possible. With the light weights, daily is very easily done and won’t over do anything. Seriously, biceps for example, preacher curl with 20lbs, dbell with up to 25 max. Similar for triceps. I’m just using these very light weights, with controlled, slow high reps, in additoin to treadmill time of 10 or more minutes. I’ll add to that, but I hate treadmills so it’ll take a while to get past the mental block.

Anyway, I just did turn 54 on 11/9, and other than the rotator cuff, I feel outstanding. Matter of fact, if it were not for that, I feel well enough to go all out on the big three. Common sense and logical reasoning say to avoid injurty that’s a bad idea.

Add to this that I’m doing TRT with Test-cyp at 200mg/week, & arimidex. I have low vitamin D and low iron I’m working on, trying to.
I eat meat, take D2+D3, so I’m doing whtat I know to do, and what my dr said to correct these. And, these are pretty much the only things I have that are out of whack thank God.

Given no surgery is required, it is my opinion I should be able to rehab this and keep lifting, and get through this crap in a matter of 3 mos or less. If so, I ought to be on the way to a solid routine by April, and that would suit me very well.

An aside: I am a fourth degree knight of columbus, just won a raffle for a uniform (they’re pricey), so I’ll be wanting to look my best in it. Tall, chest and shoulders swole, etc. posture. I want to present myself like the soldier I am. It has been 33 years since I wore Air Force blue,…it will take a minute!

Comments on anything are always welcome!
Ya all take care!

Thinking thinking thinking

I just read an article by CT, showing a program that had two (almost) daily exercises that were incline bench and trap bar dreads.
I love the concept.
I may use the concept to create something that works for me in my string of the theory.

Taking limitations into account, a workout would use seated rows instead of incline bench plus something else , but I need to decide on the other movement…
Unsure. I’m very unsure. I definitely want to do seated rows daily. Only doing weights up to 70 with it and reps to 15.

My first inclination is to use a leg movement maybe a hack squat cause back squat won’t do right now , and I need something besides treadmill for legs am I right?
For now all the chest press moment I can handle involves very light (<=35lb) dbells. I’m ok doing those if it’s best but I’m unsure and seeking input to help consider all factors before I decide.

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Had a great workout this morning but using very light weights.
Treadmill x 16 mins, 3.6% incline, 2.8mph
Leg extension: 50x8x3, slow- 2s, 3s, 2s
Ham curl- 40x8x4, same pace as above

Dbell incline bench - 30x8x4. But, I did these with the bells parallel to begin, then at top came down 45 degrees with a flye, hold 4s, up to a 4s hold, then down

Seated row - 40, 50, 70lbs; 8 reps, 3s, 3s, 5s

Dbell curl: standing. Curl to top, retract halfway, back to top then down, all slow & controlled - 10, 15, 25 lb x 8 reps

Triceps reverse cable extension -
10lb, 5lb, 5lb - 2s, 2s, 4s. X 16, 12, 12 reps

I’m finding a great medium spot with the lower weights and higher reps and enjoy not having to take recovery days! I’ll go exercise daily happily. It suits my personality best.
The plain fact is, I’m fine with my body at this point after having lost a BUNCH of fat;

. (172 lbs total loss, 15 to goal).

That said , these last pounds are tasking me really bad. I’m challenged to get them off!
My nutrition and discipline are the only areas I can figure that will do it. But nutrition is pretty spot on. I simply don’t consume bad stuff, get enough protein, very few carbs, no sugars etc. The discipline I’m on - just did get back at it and am exercising daily. What I’m doing I can’t, I’m good conscience, call “working out,” but can call using weights to exercise. Not trying to pack on muscle. It’ll add itself as I continue this is unavoidable and good. Just isn’t my goal. I it’s A pleasant side effect :slight_smile: hopefully

Any advice on getting the last stubborn pounds off?


I did a minimalist press/deadlift focus on and off for a several year period. Any extras would be a row or a curl. Every now and then, I’d salt a few sets of lateral raises and grip work, or a few prowler pushes.

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Bravo sir :clap: :clap: :clap:

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I think deadlifts are a great choice for one to do if only one or two exercises are being used. I am not very good at them but they are sure effective. I honestly have never ever tried to Max out a deadlift. I have, however, maxed out lifting things on a job site, like heaving up a gang box so a forklift could get the forks in it…that’s not a light weight but I can’t say how much. Estimate at least 500. It’s the practical applications that matter mos to me as a man anyway.

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Congratulations. Over what period of time did you lose that much fat?
Otherwise, the idea of a 50+ section is great. I completed them in the spring. Unfortunately, I injured my shoulder on push machines and was limited in training for about 2 months. Now I’m better. I’m regular with my workouts, but I’m not disciplined with my nutrition. I’m constantly changing programs because I get bored of training the same way and it must be hindering my progress. But the most important thing at this age is to exercise our muscles and be in the gym regularly. I already have some limitations myself and everything is supposed to be fine, but I have to comply because bad things happen unexpectedly when you have predispositions.

The initial loss was over 2014-2018, from 387 to 232, then I went back to 280 for a while…it took till now to get to 211.4 as of this morning, finally thank God!
But I held around 225 from 2018 through this Spring, when my hand pain ceased (I say it was a miraculous healing others argue ppl can believe what they wish). I decided right then that I’m able and want to be as fit
as I can be and here goes.

Someone recently asked what I’ll do when I reach the 200lb goal and I replied that I’ll try to maintain it.
That was two days ago and since then I’ve reconsidered - the mirror is a bitch!
I’m of the opinion that the other 11.4 pounds will not remove the bulge over my belt line so there will be some more work to be done. The last time I was near a six pack I was at 189, so maybe my final stop will be around 195/190 instead of 200. We’ll see. I’m much more interested in how I look than the scale weight.

Tell u what. For my age, and considering the hell my body has seen, I’m really surprised at how damn well I feel and how fast I’m responding to exercising. I reckon since it’s been several months I’ve got the advantage of being kinda like a newbie that way. So be it I’ll take what I can get!

As for the actual exercises I’m really enjoying doing lighter stuff six days instead of heavy splits. It fits my day to day better as far as nutrition and other activities, most of which revolve around my Parish and Knights of Columbus stuff. Matter of fact, making the Fourth Degree Uniforn look even better is yet another motivating desire - I’d really like to demostrate to my fellow knights how a soldier wears a uniform :). It ain’t Air Force blue but I’ll do my best!