Alpha Male vs TRIBEX?

Hi, I’ve been doing some research on natural testosterone boosters and I’ve settled on getting either one of these. I could not find an ingredients list for Alpha Male. I have read that it contains Carbolin 19, but most of these posts are from 2006-2007 and I have heard that Biotest had changed the ingredients since then. Can anyone offer any advice on this issue?

How old are you? a big thing i see in reviews are people in mid 20’s and under complaining about not getting enough results from test boosters.

T boosters in my opinion are meant more for people in early 30;s and up or people with a low t level.

This is all based off of reviews ive read and so on, so dont quote me there is a huge chance i am very wrong.

I’m 19 but I fear I suffer from low testosterone. I have a blood test coming up so I am waiting to pop my first pill until then.

What makes you think you have low T?