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Alpha Male Questions

  1. Would it be ok to take Alpha Male first at 6:30a and then not again till 9:00p? Or would that be too much of a gap? (assuming I don't have sleeping problems with AM)

  2. How long till most of you started to feel the effects? And with which dosage?

  3. What are some common physiological effects you have felt with Alpha Male? (Besides the obvious sex drive and strentgh)

Thx for your help


It's only a gap of 9.5 hours, if you think about it. But what's the issue? You can't find a glass of water between 4:30 and 6:30pm? The capsules travel well; stick a couple in a pocket (wrap them in some tinfoil if you want) and take them with you.

YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary), depending on age and natural T-levels (and other factors such as stress. I'm 46 and feel different within a couple weeks. Pay attention to the cycling suggestions on the bottle.

Nothing overt or quantifiable. I think I feel more "up" for workouts, but I also use Power Drive, which has a lot to do with that.

I don't think there are any negative side-effects to worry about, if that's on your mind.


I'm only 21 but I bought a bottle just to see how much of a boost I'd get, and to get the cool t-shirt. I'd say the most noticable effect was how I felt stronger.


What are the expected results of Alpha Male and RED KAT? Meaning what would be better for libido/sexual desire?

I have been using Alpha Male for a little over a month, and was wondering if trying RED KAT would help with the desire more.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Alpha Male is a combo of RED KAT, M, and TRIBEX. I'd go with Alpha Male.