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AI's During Cycle Affecting PCT


Is there any evidence that SERMS and AIs during cycle used to combat aromatization and bloat decrease the efficacy of SERMS for PCT?


Not that I am aware of. Doesn't even make sense anyway. Are you thinking on the lines of some sort of desensitation to the drug? AI's are for during and SERM's are for after anyway, so there would be no resistance built up to the SERM when it wasn't used to begin with. But, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that your short answer is - NO


I was with the funny idea that AI during a cycle would probably aid in faster PCT later.. or better PCT... that was my understanding.


Same here. Especially when one considers that by controlling estrogen during the cycle we:
~Might have (theoretically at least) less suppression.
~We won't have the high estrogen levels killing our testicular cells which will definitely slow recovery and possibly permanently lowering base testosterone levels.
But that is talking about using an AI during and SERM after. SERM's have very little reason/place for during a cycle.


Agreed. Thanks for the responses. I do think SERMS can have a place in a cycle. There is evidence that armidex will not combat estrogen/progesterone related sides too well for some compounds like anadrol. Many think you need a little nolva on-cycle to better deal with that.