Advice Needed

I have been working with my family dr to get my T levels right since Sept of 2014. After my labs came back at about 190 back in Sept, my doc started me on 200mg injections of T every 4 weeks. It took about 3 days to start to feel decent again but the effects would only last about 2 weeks. So that meant I felt like hell for 2 weeks. Next he moved me to 300mg/4wks, then 400 every 4 weeks and none of that worked. My levels were always low. Then he did the same thing but every 3 weeks. It wasn’t until he was giving me 400mg every 3 weeks that we saw an increase in my T levels. I was like finally and improvement. Then for some reason he decides to move it to every 2 weeks and dropped to dose to 200mg. Very frustrating.

I felt like crap again. I told them that we need to increase the dosage and they said they couldn’t give me any more than 400mg in a month. So they said the only option I have is to go to a 100mg shot once a week. That’s what im doing now. I still feel low before my next shot. I know my levels are still low for some reason and don’t know what to do. They said I might have to see and endocrinologist if im not happy with my results. Does anyone know if 400mg is the max that one can take safely or can more be prescribed? Is there anything else that I might be able to do? They never really discussed or educated me on the numbers or anything other than saying what my T level was.

You should be self injecting 50mg twice a week, your doctor is an idiot, but most are when it comes to hormones.

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Endo’s typically are the worst lot, don’t know what to do and make things up and refuse to learn anything or considering anything that your provide.