Achilles Tendon Ruptured - Squatting When Healed?

Hi All,

I ruptured my achilles tendon a week ago sprinting. Has anyone had the same injury?

I am concerned about squatting and deadlifting once I have recovered, if doing so is likely to re-rupture it and has anyone come out the other side?

Also, could anyone recommend a workout program I could follow being unable to bare weigh on my injured leg?

Many thanks,


I have no experience with a ruptured Achilles, but if I had, my greatest concerns when squatting would be if I got a little off balance that catching my balance could involve the Achilles’ tendon.

If you could avoid walking out of the rack would be nice. A monolift would be nice.

I would think easily managed weight would be safe deadlifting.

Of course when doing either with warmup weight and there is pain, STOP. Don’t do it.

While recovering from surgery I would just to a push/pull 4 day split. You just must pick exercises that don’t put weight on the recovering leg. I have worked around numerous injuries throughout my lifting life.

Do you mean it’s completely torn and you must have surgery or is it a bad strain and you have to rest/rehab it?


Thanks for the replies. Its completly ruptured unfortunately :pensive: