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AC Seperation (Grade 5)

A month ago I separated my shoulder in a cycling accident. Basically I tore all the tendons connecting my clavicle to shoulder. It required surgery (opposed to a life of weakness) and I’m almost 4 weeks out from that. The surgery involved the two bones being screwed together while my tendons reemerged. After 3 months of the screw it gets removed and I’ll supposedly be relatively normal. Before this accident I was 200lb 5’9" (age 23) and the strongest I’ve ever been. In a month I’ve lost a lot of it by restricting my diet and being unable to do basic exercises.

My point of this topic is…

Has anyone else had this happen to them? If so, did you recover fully?

Is there anything that would make the tendons heal faster? I thought of GHRP-6 but I really don’t have the $$ for something like that. Would BCAAs help?

On top of this my employer can’t accommodate me so I’ve spent the last month essentially hanging out. All this inactivity is killing me and my weight drops every week.

Oh, and I’m new to T-Nation. Hello.

PS: Before the surgery (and after) I noticed my left delt appears to be completely “smashed in” - as if all the muscle eradicated. My right delt remains full. The doctor claims he doesn’t think it’s a big deal but we all know how doctors like to rush you out (after charging you $$$$). Is it possible to completely screw up one’s deltoid in a matter of seconds? It’s like all the muscle in the delt is gone.

Any kind of injury sucks. I recently injured my left shoulder in what seems like a “mild” bankart lesion. Either way good luck! PERSEVERANCE is the only thing that will get you through it, it might seem like a long tunnel but it does end

Never had the surgery to repair em but i have two grade threes both from rugby. i remember the recovery from the initial injury sucked. Keep us posted on your recovery man Good luck.