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Abolish the Federal Reserve




He is pushing to Audit the fed, lets hope he can get this done.


2 presidents died including JFK for trying to take on the FED, or rather the private bankers behind the scenes. They reign over our country but do not rule it. Our leaders Rule it, but don't reign.

No matter the hierarchy, He who controls the money has the real power. All else is ceremonial.


Even more reasons to take them out. It looks like they are going to be audited, we are taking America back.


Doubt it. You're talking about this countries REAL power players. They will NEVER give up control. They'll plunge us into a long economic nosedive and a depression to manipulate all the "get rid of them" thinkers. This is one area of ultimate hopelessness. JFK has a bill ready to go and apparently already signed. Look what happened next. Abe Lincoln Wanted control of our own currency.

Watch ring of power and enjoy :slight_smile: Learn and expand you're on the right track.


Except now this has the American people pissed. If you listen to Ron Paul you can understand the entire GOP and 100 democrats are pushing for the audit. After the audit there is no way they will be left standing.

This is the end of the Federal Reserve. It cant live through whats coming next.


The Fed will become too bloated and overbearing. It's only natural for resistance to grow over time. But if the Fed goes away, well be left with no currency. Complete anarchy. Then who controls the money? Our Fed govt is way way WAAYY to bloated for mere tax dollars to support it. So naturally it will implode. Again anarchy. No surprise there.

In reality the vacuum of needed money will have to be filled. Then look for a new magical entity to spring up to help us get over the hump. This will be Fed part 2, but noone will mind. So over time another fed will be in place with another 100 years of prosperity for them, until we catch on to them again.


We need to return to the gold standard. We can fix this it is not them or nothing. Quit with this negative attitude, I will return my country to the way the founding fathers intended it to be.

If you need faith in the people tune into fox at 1-3 pm EST on 9-12.



AHAHAHAHA! The gold standard! HAHAHAHAHA!

Because things were just PEACHY before the Fed. I have never met an enemy of the Fed who had a coherent grasp of history.


Oh please enlighten me. I would love to see how you spin history.



That hurt my feelings.

Anyway, it is precisely because we have enough problems on our own that we do not need people to meddle with our money.


It's funny that you say that because in my experience everyone with a coherent grasp on history is an enemy of the fed.


I don't think this needs its own thread since you are already discussing the US Federal Reserve:

China alarmed by US money printing


"If they keep printing money to buy bonds it will lead to inflation, and after a year or two the dollar will fall hard. Most of our foreign reserves are in US bonds and this is very difficult to change, so we will diversify incremental reserves into euros, yen, and other currencies,"


I will only say this once, esp for John and Gregus: Do NOT be in any major metro area in mid-October. Have enough food stashed for one week (two would be better) and have cash on hand -- get your money out of your bank or switch it all to t-bills. Keep any outer displays of wealth hidden, such as putting your car in a garage.

That's from a captain in the National Guard.

I'll not debate this or argue it. But there it is.


I can not imagine a staged event that might prevent a Fed audit.

But hey, I am looking forward to some creative politics.


While I do think HH may be over reacting a bit, It probably would be a good idea to have a week or two of food saved. It is also a probably a good idea to have money on you at all time.


Thereâ??s no gold !

Thatâ??s why I am perplexed by people's desire to return the USA to a gold backed dollar.
The international bankers looted the gold from Fort Knox decades ago. There ainâ??t no gold folks! So forget about a gold backed currency in America OR in Britian.
And Brown isnâ??t the only culprit for selling off UK Treasury gold. Norman Lamont, ex NM Rothschild banker and George soros conspired to steal our gold long before Broon continued the looting.
The Tories pumped up a housing bubble in the late 1980â??s. Remember?
Lamont flogged off a big slice of our gold reserves to buy back our own currency when Soros forced a run on Sterling.
It was all deliberately contrived at the highest levels.
The beneficiary of Lamont and Sorosâ??s gold heist was the ECB. They bought most of the gold that was sold off.
The heist, the looting and theft has been going on for decades. It trancends any political affiliation. They arenâ??t working for you. They work for the Bilderberg Group and the international banking syndicates, all of them. They have to make sure that the nations most likely to defend freedom and liberty are destroyed and Britain and America are the 2 nations that have been raped the most.


HH, I like your new avatar, even if your statements above are more than a little far-fetched.


I saw this and had to share...