A New Reason to Take Creatine

by Rudy Mawer

There are many good reasons to take creatine. Here's a new one that's pretty darn exciting.

Enhance Carb Metabolism & Nutrition Partitioning

Creatine (Buy at Amazon) is a proven muscle-building supplement. Over the last few decades, research has continually emerged showing creatine can improve almost every aspect of your health and physique, from improving brain health to improving high-intensity exercise.

Lately, new research is even showing it may help improve nutrient partitioning, driving those carbs into the muscle for fuel and recovery. This makes it a perfect combo after the workout, especially if you’re pairing it with a good workout recovery formula.

The latest study looked at its effects when carbs were taken after the workout and measured blood glucose (sugar) levels. It found that the creatine group had improved carbohydrate absorption.

This likely occurs because creatine elicits certain biological actions in the cell, one of which may be its ability to enhance GLUT 4 activation. GLUT 4 receptors sit on the muscle cells, acting as a gate keeper to the carbs and amino acids in your blood. By improving their sensitivity, you can drive more muscle-building nutrients into the cell for growth and repair.




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