90 Days From Wedding/Honeymoon....Advice!

Hello guys! I am 90 days away from my wedding and honeymoon. I want to look my absolute best. I have been training hard, but I need some advice. I am 6 ft 185… I am wondering on whether I should cut or continue trying to put on muscle…I have cut down to 170-172 before but didn’t have much more definition than I do now at 185. Maybe I was too aggressive with my previous cut, but I just felt smaller with comparable definition to where I’m currently at…I am open to any lifting, cardio, diet, or supplement tips you guys think would help me! Thank you in advance!!!

What have you been doing recently?

Are you going somewhere your shirt will be off?

I would personally opt to lean out. It will create the biggest visual difference


What you say is true, especially if you’re looking to wow your future wife without your shirt on during the honeymoon. But I had the opposite approach. I got fitted for my suit a few months before the wedding and I wanted to get so big I couldn’t fit properly into the suit by the time the wedding day came. So I bulked from 205 to 220! So if you want a quick muscle gain strategy before the wedding like I went for, check out the M3 challenge, and follow the Surge dosing protocol because that’s what I did to get there. Also a ton of food.

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hank you for the reply!

I’ve been trying to just get stronger and put on some size. Eating at maintenance for most days (2500 cals, 140-160 G protein). Hitting the gym 5 days a week. PPLPP. Heavy focus on incline bench.

What do you think would be a decent goal weight for my build? I know everybody is different, but knowing that I’m 3 months out, I’d like to give myself a goal.

Thank you again!

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I don’t think there’s anything useful I can tell you there, short or long term.

I can say nearly all of us are lighter than we think we should have to be once we finally get lean.

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Velocity diet for 28 days

While doing the 10k swing challenge


Then 6 weeks Contrary Diet

While doing Mass Made Simple. Here’s a summary of it

But I’d suggest buying the book

That puts you at 10 weeks of your initial 13. Finish out with a final blitz of the Velocity Diet again to lean out.



Strive for balance by maintaining your current weight while reshaping your body. Focus on both muscle gain and fat loss together. Control your diet with a mix of protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs. Adjust your calorie intake a bit based on your goals. Aim for a moderate calorie deficit to lose fat while supporting muscle growth.

Create a workout plan that includes resistance training for muscle and cardio for fitness and calorie burning. Change up your exercises for better results.

Don’t forget recovery – get good sleep and allow time between workouts.

Regarding supplements, think about basics like protein powder or a multi-vitamin. But mostly, get nutrients from real food.

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