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71kg 183cm 2 Years More or Less Serious Lifting


Just want to hear some feedback since I haven't had any really and I would like to know where to put more work in and if I'm doing anything right.

As told in the subject I'm 71kg 183cm which would be 156pounds and 6'0(?).
Stats: Bench Press:72.5kg
Squat: 85kg ATG
Deadlift: 140kg
Chin-Ups: 16
I don't try maxes a lot but those are numbers I have done.

Ask if you want to know something else.

My diet / Training:
I usually skip breakfast
At 11am I eat school lunch
When I get home around 4pm I pig out on everything I have home (= pre workout)
At Gym training I usually have gainomax
Then at home I eat what ever we have which is usually pretty good food like meat and potatoes or pasta and chicken etc (Around 8pm)
Cottagecheese before bed

Training: Day1, back / shoulders / legs
Day2, arms / abs
Day3, chest / traps

I had a struggle with the pics but hope you can tell something from them. They are taken cold so no pump.

Last but not least I hope this wasn't too hard to read but English isn't my mother tongue and I'm still learning. Thanks in advance for all answers! And for those who wonder I just turned 16 a month ago






Back (?)




Serious business


And almost forgot!


skinny..lacking in most ares. at a decent BF% to start a bulking period, i would highly suggest one.


Hey bro, hard to comment as at this stage. You are an average sized lad. Nice tall frame though with the potential to be a big cunt.

Id suggest a bulk (eat your ass off more than you do) and nothing but exercises with large muscles groups. Squats / Shoulder press / Dead / Bench and so on. No split programmes for you.


This has made me a happycunt! Solid points in the comments


I think if you started eating breakfast you might get somewhere. Eat like a Man and not a kid.


You know what, you've got me convinced. Imma do that


Kettle, Pot, Black?


"happycunt" Are you another Zyzz wannabe?


^You didn't even need to post pictures I could have told you to eat a shit load of food and lift heavy complexes.

Since you did post pictures...
You have a good foundation started but you still need to eat a shit load and lift heavy complexes.
Now run along you happy-little-cunt.


I'm, Not, Bodybuilder? haha thanks man, well aware of my lack of size, and appreciate your feedback :slight_smile: i'm enjoying my quest for single digit% BF


I LOL'd @ serious business. Keep it up!


Haha cheers. I made this thread just out of curiosity and to have a laugh. I'm gonna come back stronger and bigger in a few years


Good base to work with. Proportions look decent and pecs are good for your overall size. Like everyone else said, just keep lifting and bulking. Eat breakfast.


Besides eating more the first thing that I would change is your workout. Why do you pick two small muscle groups (arms and abs) on one day (which is ok together) but then put back shoulders and legs (legs and back are your two biggest muscle groups) together? I would add a day at least and train legs on their own. That would help a lot plus it would help you bring up your legs more.