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5x5 Program/Typically for Football

Love it or hate it. Do not give me your stats i do not keep stats i lift and just get stronger and bigger.Also do Active warmups not like running on the treadmill and stuff.This is good for football players, Do your a-mechanics on upperbody days, and lateral movememtns on lowerbody days.Further question ask me

Monday: Throw some chains if not do this
Chain bench or floor press 5x5
Supplemental Lift- Incline Dumbell Bench 4x12
Back- Lat pulls 3x15 heavy, Barbell Row 4x10
Tris- Overhead tris 4x12

Tuesday:Band Squats or front squats or squats 5x5 heavy
Supplement lift- Bulgarian split squats or RDL’s 4x12
Glute activation- Reverse lunges of box 3x10
Biceps- Incline Bicep curls or barbell curls 2x8 2x10
Abs- Hanging Abs, 3x20 weight or not.

Wendsday- Rest

Then Thursday and Friday switch up lift same reps for the lifts.