▶️ 5 Deadlifts You've Never Tried

Lifters debate the merits of the conventional and sumo deadlifts. And as long as you’re not using bad form, they’re both fine. But there isn’t much discussion of the other deadlift variations.

These alternatives deliver massive benefits for the glutes, hams, and upper back. In some aspects, they’re just as good – if not better – as their more common counterparts.

Here are five underrated deadlifts you probably aren’t doing but should be.

Brandon Holder

00:00 5 Deadlift Variations You’ve Never Even Tried
00:07 Snatch-Grip Deadlift
00:30 Deficit Deadlift: Conventional and Sumo
00:48 Split-Stance Deadlift: Barbell and Trap Bar
01:00 Zercher Deadlift: From Floor and From Blocks
01:20 Suitcase Deadlift: Barbell, EZ Bar, and Kettlebell

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