4 Months into TRT with High E2. Help/Info Appreciated

Good Afternoon,

I’m currently 4 months into TRT. My doctor has me running 200/mg of Test Cyp. at 1 shot per week. Everything has been great so far, I’m definitely feeling better than I have in a long time. My only concern is my doctor refuses to treat what I have read is high E2. Everything I’ve read says I should feel my best with E2 levels around 30. Is my only option to self medicate at this point? I’m really not comfortable using liquid arimidex, the dosing seems inconsistent. Labs below -

Testosterone, Serum - 963 ng/dL
Free Testosterone - 30.3 pg/mL
E2, Estradiol - 60.7 pg/mL
Estrogens, Total - 97 pg/mL

Well, your E2 is definitely high and needs to be brought down. So your doc will not address it at all? I’m surprised he tested for it, sees that high number and won’t treat you for it. Guess I’m not that surprised, though…

We shoot for an E2 of 22 around here. T-nation conventional wisdom says that you may need 2MG anastrozole per week with 200mg/week of T.

You will likely feel much better with a lower E2.

If your doc won’t listen, then yes, your only choice is to self medicate with some liquidex or switch doctors. Seems like most of us around here have to self-medicate in some way - not ideal, but it’s the world we live in.

Good luck!

Thanks for the response. They actually only tested for total estrogen. I had to push them to even test for the E2. Their solution to bring down my E2 is to lower from 200/mg week to 150/mg week. I don’t see how that would get me to ideal levels. This is unfortunate, the lack of trust I now have in doctors runs deep! Now I suppose my next step is to find liquidex that isn’t bunk.Thanks again