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22 Y/O, Ran Cycles in High School, About to Start TRT

Hey guys, long history of depression/anxiety and came to find out i had low t. My first time getting blood tested my level was around 270. The second time, 190s.

My uro immediately put my on clomid 25mg EOD which brought my T to the mid 500s. Stopped taking clomid…and my numbers plummit.

She then put me on HCG which is doing nothing, so now im going to start on 100mg/week of Test C.

A big concern of mine is having kids one day, but paying for the T and HCG is so expensive and really hurting me financially. How bad of an idea would it be to stop the HCG for now until around the time i want to have kids? Would there be a big difference if i stopped the hcg and starting it when i want kids, or just continue to take it?

I took 2 different cycles of testosterone in highschool like an idiot. I did run PCT and I don’t know if this is what caused it, just because so many people i know are running a gram of test a week and are fine, and i just did 250mg…also ran some prohormones too which more than likely fucked me up

Where are you located? Perhaps there are other options/pharmacies that you can get test/HCG from at a much lower price? I have seen huge differences in prices just from what I’ve been reading so far… worth a shot

Hopefully someone else can answer your original question.

Why did you stop when it seems like it was doing the job all on its own?

I believe it’s somewhat common for guys to add HCG only when fertility becomes a more prominent goal, though plenty of guys run it along with TRT for other benefits (testicular size, LH support, etc.).

Also, the thread title edit isn’t a knock on you by any means. It’s clarifying the thread because there are, like, 2 or 3 guys that started threads this week who ended up in a similar position by using gear too soon and there are young guys in the Pharma forum considering cycles. My hope is that they, and others lurking on the forum, can put two and two together and recognize the potential long-term effects of using AAS when too young.


I’m in Boston and currently getting my HCG from Florida cause my uro said it was way cheaper to get it there

I stopped taking the clomid when i ran out. I was on it for 2 months, once i got off my numbers went right back down, and i believe thats secondary hypogonadism?

And hmm, i never really looked into different pharmacies. Obviously id like to pin myself once a week rather than 3, but if its completely necessary thats fine.

And okay yeah i gotcha about the title change, was just a little confused. Thanks

Does anyone recommend anything else to do? Is my levels going right back down after clomid a clear indicator to go on TRT and nothing else to do?

99.999999% of men will see levels plunmett immediately after chlomid usage. It does not reboot the system to higher levels. Only to the levels you started with.

You need a good doc at such a young age. Someone who will give you what they would take at your age .

Check out metabolicdoc.com he’s up by you.

Tier1hw.com my doc Nichols. If you can afford to fly out and see him for the first time. You will be in awesome hands.

All the docs in worldllinkmedical.com directory are trained by dr Rouzier who is the king of trt docs. He trains the best. Any of these docs are better trained to do trt than some random UROLOGY who hasn’t taken courses.

Spend the time and money in your health . You have a long life ahead of you. Make good decisions now and enjoy being a young man.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring some doc who works within ranges and is not trying to resolve your symptoms.

Thank you

Yes the prohormones probably did more damage than anything, 250 mg cycles are equally stupid, as the shut-down is the same at 250 as 2.5 grams. Clomid is just stimulating your pituitary to release more hormone and ramp up production, so you go right back to zero when you stop. hCG should be cycled anyway if you are going to use it, so no emergency if you are not currently trying to conceive.

So you recommend me staying on hcg with the test rather than waiting to use hcg when i plan on having kids?

So you recommend me staying on hcg with the test rather than waiting to use hcg when i plan on having kids?

The opposite, actually. Use it occasionally if you like bigger balls, otherwise don’t worry about it unless you’re trying to become a Dad.

So, better idea to stop hcg now with the test and just start it again around the time i want to have kids? Would that make any differences on me wanting to have kids stopping the hcg now vs starting it later?

Sorry, just want to make sure i have this down. Thanks

Yes, that’s the idea. Un;ess you want to run it periodically for cosmetic reasons or to reassure yourself.

Dr. Morgantaler is a pretty cutting edge TRT doc in Boston in Chestnut Hill.

Younger men have immature HTPA’s, are fragile, still developing and are susceptible to damage from cycles and steroids usage unlike a man in his 40’s who has a fully mature HTPA.

You can always restart the HPTA using clomid when looking to have kids or stay on TRT and add HCG and when not enough do to the job, add FSH injections to your TRT protocol, FSH is suppressed on TRT and is what is responsible for sperm production.

FSH can be expensive, compounding pharmacies are far cheaper. Clomid while it raises your levels doesn’t always relieve all symptoms because it’s a drug which takes the body outside of a natural state.

HCG is suppressive and only stimulates half of the testicles, TRT activates all hormonal pathways and is identical to the real deal, the body can’t tell the difference which is why when TRT is done right, there are no side effects provided you have no other undiagnosed medical conditions.

Awesome, thanks!


So my SHBG is at 26.0 nmol/L

hLH is at 0.75 mIU/mL which is really low?