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21st Weight Lifting Comp

I have been working out on and off for the past two months. Mostly been slacken bc I?m gearing up for deployment at the end of the month so just trying to have fun before I seriously work out.

anyway comp on the 21st for all three lifts bench around 395 dead lift 515 and squat did yesterday first time in a long time 545 a little high but will pass for the comp ill be in went easy feel like crap now. I plan on doing a four day cycle of chest, back, should and tri, and legs twice starting today Intel Tuesday take two days of and lift.

Has any one done this before and had any success with this. the only reason I’m doing this comp so I can win some point for my command in a fitness comp thing we have on are base before we leave for are deployment.

I was also thinking about doing a practice run next Tuesday three lifts for each one to see how well I do with the set up.