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I was wondering if anybody would be interested in this. I don’t know if it has been proposed before. A contest where say 5 or 6 T-maggers get to have a coach of their choice for 90 days(CW,CT,JD,DA,JB,CS,etc…).We would have 10 to 15 min. a day of their time, via phone(preferable), or e-mail. All of our stats could be tallied in the beginning and at the end of 90 days. Outcomes would be based on body comp. transformations as well as performance improvements for given time allotment. Results and photos could be posted, and voted upon for the winner. The prize? Who f$%#@% cares, what a cool experience. Reminder, this is a friendly competition. Second, would anybody be interested in an interview with Becca Swanson, the strongest woman in the world. Her gym is just down the street(Omaha), I know I could do it.
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Great idea.

KFall…you train at Big Iron Gym?

Who’s JD?

Jumaine Dupri, Thunder

John Davies?

Hey guys, first time poster, long time lurker. I must admit a little disappointed by the responses to this thread however am thrilled to finally be among you posting. Has anyone proposed anything like this before? Imagine Jon Davies(Thunder) addressing your training and nutrition needs for the day, along with Christian, Chad, Staley, Alessi,etc… Hell, the gangs all there. Monty, no I don’t train at Big Iron as of yet, but I do run into Becca alot around town. Personal info:38 years old, 6’, 250(sloppy)Creighton accelerated nursing program student. Recently made a huge purchase(for me) Hotrox, Tribex, Surge, Redkat. Would love to chat.

Sorry people,
One more thing in this fantasy contest each coach should utilize 3 supps(Biotest) of their choice, hopefully at a reduced rate to the participants. This way its win, win for everybody. Each coach ould demonstrate the effectiveness of their philosophies, and Tim could demonstrate the effectivenes of his products within the parameters of a well thoght out training program.
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Great idea!

But I’m unsure if the coaches would be available for such a game. They are pretty busy dudes.

Have you read the project evolution article? One of the writers is already doing something like this.

Fat Panda,
Thanks for fanning this spark. Believe me, your concern was my biggest issue when thinking about this fantasy contest. That is why I stated 10 to 15 minutes a day via phone or email. I really think this would be manageable to all concerned, especially the email option, with this route in reality the coaches would probably only be spending 5 to 10 minutes a day. This is just a friendly contest, however, I think it would be a blast for coaches and participants alike. I saw Nate Dogg just popped back on the radar, and I believe he heavily fvors coach Davies, hell, we’ve all got our favorites. I think it would be so cool to get ours guys behind us(coaches), take the gloves off and go at it(train with a purpose). Anyway what does the nation think about my interview, or a interview with Becca, if any of you have ever seen a picture of, or met her she is an AMAZING woman.

You are right I just read the article and it does sound very similar to mine. I think mine differs in the fact that individual participants would be able to team up with the coach that really lights their fire, so to speak. Not that Chris isn’t highly motivational or knowledgable. I just know for me their are certain contributors at T-mag, that when Friday rolls around with a new issue and I see their name I get all knockkneed with excitement. Am I alone on this?

id love that but i doubt the coaches would go for it. they get paid good money to do what you describe.

do you like when people go to your job and ask for free shit?

i dont see how the coaches wil benefit from all of this, other than a fun experience.

Where do you train Kyle? I work out at Gold’s South. I see Cy Willson quite a bit. Since I am married I date vicariously through him. He is a great guy. Our gym just got a remodel and looks very nice.

And hey Monty, good to see you back a little more regulary. Hope everything is going okay with you.

Maybe I’m misreading you, but your post seems rather hostile. I can assure you I’m not trying to scam or have others scammed out of free shit. I have never emailed any of the t-mag staff and tried to panhandle or weasle a free Tshirt, bottle, keychain, ballcap, matchbook, bottlecap etc… In fact if you’ve read my posts(I’m on school break right now, so I’ve got way too much time on my hands)you would have noticed that I’ve made what is for me, quite a considerable contribution as of late. I just thought this would be really cool for all concerned. I consider these coaches the creme’ de la creme’of their professions and just thought it would be a unique oppurtunity for someone to be able to have use of their services, who might not ever be able to afford the luxury of these coaches personally. Also, I’ve offered to try and get an interview(if anybodies interested)with Becca Swanson with no mention of recompense. Does anyone think that a woman who can squat well over 700 and deadlift over 600 might have an opinion on trtaining? Any way P-DOG, I’m probaly a little sensitive. If no coaches are interested than this contest is strictly fantasy, nothing lost, nothing gained.
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I think this idea could work, if there was a sufficient entrance fee–that way, the coaches could be compensated for their time.

no im not hostile at all. im just saying what does the coach have to gain from this?

oh and about the strong woman. you should post that over on the powerlifting forum.

Jason B,
Good to here from you sir, I also worked out at your facility, then migrated to the north facility, am now at 24hour fitness. I also have met and conversed with Cy, and would agree an extremely nice and approachable man. A real credit to T-mag. I had heard he lived in Omaha, and was hoping to meet him someday. In my opinion, in case anyone is curious what Cy might look like: blond, 6’2or3", bulit like a professional beach volley-ball player with much better chest, delts, and bis.
Again this is meant to be very complimentary, and is for those who might be curious as to what this T-mag contributor might look like. FYI.
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K-fall, It’s a very interesting idea but why not just pay the coach for their time? Get 5 guys with similar goals and hire them, everyone wins :slight_smile:

Okay, okay, okay. Maybe the spirit of this thing is not getting through. I’m not seeking to bleed any of these coaches of their livelihood. I’m merely suggesting a friendly collaboration between, 1. T-mag staff/admin., 2. Contributing coaches here at T-mag, 3. the readers who greatly admire said contributing coaches. The staff could organize this thing get everyone involved, the coaches would donate roughly 12 -15 hours of their time(guesstimate) over the 90 days, and the readers would pour their heart and soul into these guys suggestions because they are representing the coach they most admire and to show their appreciation to the time that has been so graciously given to them. Let us digest this elephant one bite at a time. Number one, are people interested in this/find it very intriguing? Period. Stop.