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2 Months Too Long to Wait for Bloodwork?

New Member so hello. Read the Stickies, thanks for the great info. Just started TRT 5 weeks ago. My 5th Pin was yesterday morning. My GP is an avid believer in TRT and seems to have a very good understanding of all the hormones and panel make up. (He did look at my Thyroid function & other numbers). However, I didn’t get a copy of my blood work from my last visit, (I’ll request next time), but I do recall my Test #'s were in the low 300’s from about 3 years ago and this last test was like 410 or so. Went in with complaints of Low Libido and other similar Low T signs. We did talk about HCG, but since I’m 42 and won’t be having any more kids he dismissed adding that. He also mentioned AI, but didn’t prescribe it during the last visit. More like wait and see what the numbers come back as at next visit.

He prescribed 1mL per week of 250mg Test Cyp. (Local Compounding Pharmacy), I started out with one injection per week. However, after reading here I started yesterday with 1/2 the dose (.5mL) and will take the other 1/2 dose mid week. Have noticed great improvements in the last 2 weeks or so.

However, after the last two pins, the next day I am somewhat swollen in hands, wrists, ankles. Last week I had to remove my watch and wedding ring due to discomfort. Today a little water retention, but not as bad as last week, maybe because I lowered the dose? (Note, healthy individual, 200lbs with about 22%BF, Clean diet, Resistance Training 4 days/week).

So my question is: My next appointment for blood work is 10/6, approx. 2 months out. (Total of 3 months of TRT treatment before re-testing numbers). Should I wait that long or call to try and move up. I don’t want my E2 levels to be extremely high if I wait. I did order Grapeseed Extract and plan to start taking that to hold me until the appointment. Or should I just call and try and get blood work sooner? After reading on here I realize the 250mg is a hefty dose, :scream: I’m noticing it in the gym too… in a positive way, ha ha.


Your E2 is high now. You need to be on an AI now. I would decrease T to a total of 120mg/week and start Adex 0.5mg twice weekly. Then run labs in a month

Call doc and explain that you are getting estradiol problems and that you want an Rx for Arimidex/anastrozole. At 250mg/week, this is a very expected problem. You should not be waiting. Get your lab results as part of the same event.

hCG preserves your testes and that is part of sexual identity that affects you and your wife’s view of things. Also, you might get a dull ache 24x7. Note how your testes hang or pull up tight.

Typically, guys need 1mg anastrozole per 100mg T cyp/eth. A few are over-responders who need 1/4th of that - no way to know in advance.

Thanks guys. Doc is on vacation this week, so I’ll see if I can’t get in next week and get new labs pulled, as well as getting a script for Arimidex.

He may want to see E2 labs first. But there is a clear need and E2 labs later can be use to refine anastrozole dosing.

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Its normally good to get labs at 6 weeks. I like the docs that wait on the AI to see how you respond. Otherwise you can get your E driven down to nothing, like me. You may not be a high converter. That being said, your dose is way to high. High converter or not, you are now too high on E like others have said, but you did that to yourself via your docs bad prescription. You should be on more like half that dose to start. Wait 6 weeks, then see how much AI you need. At this point, you’re screwed so just add the AI.