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1st Cycle, 1-Andro/4-Andro


My main question is concerning how to use nolva to combat gyno during cycle, I have no way of buying any E control supplements, normal adex/armison

I understand 6-8 week cycles of andros are prefered but my circumstance I can only do 4 weeks

1 andro and 4 andro 3 caps a day, 100mg per each cap, so 300mg of 1/4 andro a day for 4 weeks then pct

Proviron 25mg everyday, if this can reduce estrogen and benefit

Nolva pct 20/10/10 ( and mega pct with if it can help which has Androsta 50mg which states is a “very potent suicide aromatase inhibitor”) - Should i run this at 1/2 caps a day during cycle too throughout into pct as well, reccomends 5 capsules a day during pct.

Main question **
How do I start the dosing during cycle to avoid gyno with nolva or do I only dose when i feel symptoms, if so how much? - again atm I have no way of obtaining any AI or other e-control brands online only nolva, and if I should run the mega pct that as the estro killer during cycle too

Thank you much


You really shouldnt need any AI. I joined the dark side about 5 years ago. Before that i ran every prohormone and prosteriod i could get otc when they were legal back in the day. I am actually very gyno prone on AAS but during my use of prohormones i had no issues. Nolva will definately work if you should have an issue. Its not ideal as i can tell you already know. It only prevents gyno but estrogen levels will still be high. IMO you should be fine and you have something that will work should an issue arise. Plus with oral prohormones like that (4-andro) you can stop taking them and your test levels will lower in a matter of days which will lower estrogen levels. You can also lower your 4-andro dose should you start getting estrogen sides you dont want and keep the 1-ando high as that cannot convert to estrogen. Not having an AI is not the end of the world in this case and I think you will see is unnecessary. Like i mentioned before. I never had gyno issues from taking 4-andro but have taking high testosterone injections. You would have to take a shit ton of 4-andro unless you are super, super sensative, to get gyno. And again, just lower your dose or add some nolva 10-20mg ed. Only if you feel a lump. It will not help with bloat/water weight.


Oh definately add the proviron! It will increase free test and should make the 4-ando more effective. Intersting idea. I like it!