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15th Workout + clips - olys

Clips from today

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Powerclean and splitjerks with 207lbs, first single not shown

Ugly form all round, I had no snap and speed today, felt flat, CNS drained from bench PR 2 days ago. felt really heavy

But a PR of sorts and I did em 5 times


4 stage snatch highpulls complex with 175lbs, 2 sets shown. These felt better. But kink in upper back, and hip scoop timing needs work I think. Going up on toes feels odd, might try these without going up on toes


Don’t take this the wrong way, but get a coach. Your 1st pull is a mess among other items.

Also, drop the frickin’ weight, don’t lower it like that–it’s bad for you. The noise won’t hurt you. Better yet, it’ll distract others which is good.

I only saw the snatch pulls, and in my opinion they looked good. Upper back rounds a bit, but you keep the back angle and good knee bend.

I didn’t mean to sound like a dick…decent pundages, BTW.

Well if I could get a coach I would have, but I can’t easily find one around here.

And my gym doesn’t let me deliberately drop the weights. 207lbs isn’t so bad anyway, but once I go above 220lbs, then it will get harder, but I won’t be strong enough for a while. But by the my upper body maybe strong enough to lower them anyway :slight_smile:

workout that day -

Long ass session. I felt a bit flat during the powercleans and splitjerks, took a while to get going. Felt damn heavy. Guess my CNS was fried from the 5RM on bench 2days ago…

Warmup+ CoreWork+Plyos

Did my general warmup - dynamic swings etc, and 10 reps with 25lb in various exercises - Hang slow cleanpull, military press, oly goodmorning, snatch grip BN press, hang powerclean and powerjerks for a few

Rest - 30secs alternating between each exercise. 1min between pairs.

1)Back Extensions x8, Twisting Back Extensions +10lbs x10

2)Incline situps with Russian twists to each side at the top - arms held outstretched x8, +10lbs x8
–> damn abs started to cramp up slightly after this set

Bulgarian SplitSquat ISO hold - BW x 1min 10 secs - painful as usual


Warmups - Shoulder Dislocates with wooden staff,
Used bar for a few warmup stuff
rest - 1min or so
Hang Powerclean + frontsquat + 2 low SplitJerks - 45lbs x2
Powerclean + Frontsquat+ 2 SplitJerks - 89lbs x2
Powerclean + Frontsquat+ SplitJerk - 109lbs 129lbs

Rest - 1.5 to 2mins Hookgrip on Clean
Powerclean + SplitJerk - 155lbs, 175lbs, 197lbs
207lbs x 5 singles - all good

Well everything felt heavy from 155lbs onwards, took a while to get the power going. CNS was flat. Frontsquats felt good today, but then I ripped my shorts doing them on the 109 and 129lb sets!
207lbs was bitching heavy! Form was really shakey today, and not too pretty, but I made all of em, just barely though.
207lbs PC and SJ is a PR of sorts

4 Stage Snatch HighPull

  1. Snatch Dead from floor to knee height, return bar to floor
  2. Snatch Dead Pull from floor shug onto toes, return bar to knee height
  3. High pull from knee height to full extension, return bar to floor
  4. High pull from floor to full extension

Warmups - 119lbs
rest - 2mins HookGrip on all sets

155lbs, 175lbs x4 sets

Powersnatch 89lbs x5 - tried to keep feet on floor, hmm no power…

Bits and Pieces

Clean rack deadlift shrug onto toes - from knee level
Warmup - 45x5, 225lbs x3
Tempo 10X0 rest - 2mins

315lbsx3, 335lbs 2x3 - all with Hookgrip

335lbs was tough, but not too bad. Grip held ok.

SnatchGrip Behind the Neck PushPress
Warmup - 45x5, 95x5
Tempo 20X0 rest 1min

115lbs 3x5
Lowered under control till halfway down and the dropped on traps, bending legs to absorb shock - reset after each rep.

Low Pulley L-Flyes on Free Motion machine
No rest - alternating sides
10lbs 2x10

Reverse Back Extensions
Tempo 1010 BW x12

You should do a strength phase.

I just did :slight_smile:

CNS was just beat up yesterday or something, I know last week everything was nicely snappy. Not so this week, even with the same weights as last week, weighed like 40lbs more or something.

Need more sleep!!!