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15 Year Old Trying to Get Stronger

Starting weight: 160
Bench: 180 (after working sets)
Squat: 300
Deadlift: 320

Goals by Summer:
End weight: 175
Bench: 225
Squat: 350
Deadlift: 405


Bench 10,6,4,2, ramping weights up
Lat pulldown super-setted with shrugs 3x10 on each
Lateral raises 3x10
OH press machine 3x10
Weighted dips 3x10
Rear delt machine 3x10
Tricep pushdown 3x10
Straight bar curl 3x10

Tuesday or thursday/Saturday
Squats 3x5
Lunges 3x8
Deadlift 2x5

pic of me

Diet looks something like:
Gallon of milk
3 eggs, 2 servings oats
Chicken and broccoli for lunch
Protein shake (1 scoop)
PBJ sandwich
Post workout shake:
-4 servings egg whites
-2 scoops whey
-2 tbsp pb
Whatever my mom cooks (usually chicken or steak… some kinda of meat with either potatoes or pasta… something along the lines of that)
And to end the day some nuts and a **** load of water so when i wake up in the middle of the night i can grab a half pbj sandwich

do you guys think I could achieve these goals by summer? and if not… is there any way I could? (program and diet)

First off, I’m 16, and I’ve been in your shoes before. Worked Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 for 10 months got great results. Bench went from 160 to 235, squat went from 265 to 365, and deadlift went from 245 to 375 and my military press went from about 95 to 175. There are millions of programs out there, none is really “THE PROGRAM” but if there had to be one, it would be 5/3/1. Great for beginners and it’ll make your strength go through the roof. It’s about $25 but it’s well worth it.

As far as your diet goes, you need to be puttin’ in atleast 3,500 calories a day MINIMUM if you want to get any bigger or stronger. Usually I take in about 2,500 calories PRE workout through 3 meals. It’s what helps be get through the workouts. You should be getting atleast a gallon of water a day, if not a gallon and a half. I usually hydrate before I lift, a gallon over 8 hours (my school day). You need to spread your hydration throughout the day in order for it to be effective, if not then you’re just going to be pissing 10 times a day for no particular reason. Just stick to the basics.

If you don’t want to spend the $25 (well worth it) on 5/3/1, then I say that “Starting Strength” or Bill Starr’s 5x5 would be great for a beginner. Hope this helps.


Right off the bat I notice there is way, way, way too much volume on your bench day. The best solution for you would be to just follow Starting Strength or The Texas Method. And if you are really eating all that food, then thats very good. However, if your bodyweight or lifts start to stall, you should up your calories.

I am 19 now. I was about your size, maybe smaller, and just slightly stronger at your age. I am now 250lbs, and should squat over 800 next competition easily.

You can easily get really strong over the next few years but just be patient with it.

As far as the diet. Eat more at breakfast. I am assuming the 3 eggs and 2 servings of oats is breakfast.See if you can choke down 5 eggs in the morning.
If you can try and get a shake, or a protein bar in between classes mid morning.

Then lunch, make sure you are eating at least 4-6oz of chicken, and add in some good carbs. Maybe a slice of whole grain bread with peanut butter after the chicken/broc.

Make sure there are EFAs and good carbs in your protein shake. If not, the cheapest way to add it is to just throw in some uncooked oats, and a some olive oil.

The post workout shake needs to have lots of sugar. Try adding 4 servings of nesquick to that… that is an easy way to get the sugar.

Don’t bother waking up to eat, that disturbs your sleep cycle. Just drink some milk and eat a peanut butter sandwich before bed.

You also did not mention a preworkout meal. I like something about 45minutes to an hour before. Peanut butter and honey sandwich with some milk was always something I liked.
Doesn’t matter as long as you get some complex carbs, sugar, healthy fat, and protein in.

Also if you want to then you could get some BCAAs and take 10g during your workout mixed with 2-3 servings of dextrose based gatorade. I think it is all dextrose based now, I think they got rid of the fructose based.

As far as training, when I was about that size, I got the best results with westside for skinny bastards 3… you can google it and download the pdf for free.

5/3/1 is ok, but I think the main reason people get good gains on it is just that they are actually following a program where everything is laid out, so they aren’t constantly doing retarded stuff. Really it is not optimal. I favor the westide, and subsequent variations.

The Texas Method has worked well with people I have known too, but for everyone I help, at your level, I have them do westside for skinny bastards 3, I make a few tweaks based on their weaknesses, and flaws in the program, and they always get great results.

Your training right now is not optimal at all.
PM me if you want help tweaking westside for skinny bastards, or cannot find the link

[hijack]Right now I’m doing a modified Westside template. Instead of speed day, I’m going light on the comp lifts and then doing accessory. Every once in a while I’ll do a speed day. My lifts after 3.5 years training, 1 year for PL I’m 190 with a 285 or so bench, at least a 455 pull, and 345 max box squat. Does the program sound optimal to you?[/hijack]

[quote]Brian14 wrote:
Right off the bat I notice there is way, way, way too much volume on your bench day. The best solution for you would be to just follow Starting Strength or The Texas Method. And if you are really eating all that food, then thats very good. However, if your bodyweight or lifts start to stall, you should up your calories.[/quote]

This. Both programs mentioned will do great for you. And stick to basic supplements for now if you are planning on adding any. I see too many idiotic kids in high school and beginning college start on gear when they have hardly hit there genetic potential so be smart. Good luck man!

I’d begin with starting strength, or Madcows. I made loads of progress on Madcows before crossing over to Westside.

Just eat lots and stick to a basic program. Not much more needs to be said at this point. No reason to make it any more complicated :slight_smile:


And start eating more.

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:

And start eating more.[/quote]

This. Live by 5/3/1, die by 5/3/1.


Triple everything you are eating. Drop some of the exercises on your bench day. Thats just ridiculous.