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1000lb Club B*tchez!




Ummm good job? Looks like 1,100 was prolly doable.






Damn work fire wall, what is it? Dixie or Hallowed I am blind give me the brail. Is it worth going home to see?


Is this the same guy who posted under the screen name hawaiilifterMike?


If I'm mistaken and the deadlift wasn't hitched then good job.

It's hard to tell, at work out connection is so slow vids always appear choppy which made it a little hard to tell.


I guess there is a reason this is in GAL




Your profile says 6'2 250. This guy is 170. Am I missing something here?


its a little guy lifting alot of weight.


Squat seemed just a little bit high, maybe it's the angle though. Squatting only 5lbs more than he benched was a little odd though.


This isn't Dixie. Dixie has a 600lb single ply squat (saw this in a log),which should put him a fair amount higher than the 1000lb club.


Thank you maam I guess nobody else can read but you. May you have a great weekend.


Work on your form in the squat(it was high) and deadlift(reminded me of diesel weasel but nowhere near as fucked up!)


Yall really think thats me?

Thats lol worthy.

Its not me (thanks to those who noticed). It showed up as a suggested video after watching Jim Wendler's 1000lb squat.


I had no idea. I set firefox to block images from T-Nation at work but videos get through. So I couldn't see your avatar. I didn't think 1,000 total was an accomplishment or milestone so the whole thing was just odd.


Everyone who thought this was going to be about obese women going clubbing must post in this thread.


I gotcha, no worries.