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10 Miles Back Again

Still alive mate. Just coughing a lot. I’m most of the way through a course of antibiotics, which isn’t helping as much as you’d hope. Hopefully they’re just leaving it last minute to really kick in and I can start training again next week.


Maybe trying taking them rectally.


Just putting some thoughts down. I’ll try to make this a little less self indulgent than some times.

  • I need to remind myself when planning that I’m strong enough. I just am. I need more conditioning and cardio and calisthenics and athleticism and correctives but I keep getting drawn to static exercises designed to increase the only metric I’d give myself a passing grade in. This is silliness.

  • I’ve been reading a lot of Mark Twight stuff recently. Awesome guy. Seems to preach that hard work in the basics is the secret. Who knew?

  • Speaking of Mark Twight, one of his pupils Rob MacDonald (i refuse to call him Bobby Maximus, that’s a dumb name), has a theory that a drastic physical transformation takes 130 hours, no shortcuts. It’s an interesting concept as I restart training. It would be interesting to keep track of my “training hard” time to see what changes happen in 130 hours, and how quickly I could crack through that.