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1-Andro Cycle. (Newbie)


I was thinking of doing a 1-Andro Cycle, I thought of doing 400mg a day because I can get Andro v2 dosed less than the 330mg effective dose the cycle goes as follows:

Week 1 400mg Androsterone (I might start on 200 for week one not sure
Week 2-6 400mg Androsterone + 1000 IU each week of HCG (Just for the safe side, I’d rather use it at 1000 IU because I heard daily doses can waste HCG and I was going to stop at week 6)
Week 6-10 Clomid on the first day 300mg and the next 10 days 100mg, next 10 50mg and the next 10 after that will be 50mg.

I will be using an on cycle support for organ health and probably take the PH with Fish Oils.


Clomid is the only thing I can get a hold of from a reliable source right now.


Bro are you serious. Get some cyp or enanthate and run a real cycle.


Okay but if I do it all correctly is there still a chance of shutdown even if I have the HCG every week PCT after half a week depending on which test AI’s etc.


Yes, but if you introduce any thing that can shut you down then run the real thing


I live with my parents still and Don’t think needles will fool them where as caps I can just say they are multivits


You shouldn’t be doing any steroids period.




I’m implying that if you have to hide usage from your parents, you shouldn’t be be using them. Are you 18 or older? Be honest with them.

Question, do you have low T? If not, maybe you shouldn’t be doing anything.


Can u get some aromasin? Run 50mg clomid ed with 12.5mg aromasin eod. For 6-8 weeks. No shutdown or risk of shutdown and will increase your test levels like u are on cycle.


You should be more respectful towards your parents and not bring illegal drugs into their home
I’m sure you think it’s no big deal but it’s not your call to make.
Don’t worry about cycling that liver toxic plan you put together so you can look good at the beach crushing beers and save your money so you can start moving forward in life


I don’t remember PH’ s being illegal.

I’m 23.

I should be able to get some Aromasin/Arimidex but I should use Clomid PCT and AI on Cycle right?


you should move out. :slight_smile:

also, yes, most PH’s are illegal in the US, along with most other countries.

So if your only issue with avoiding needles is hiding them from your parents, that’s something I can actually identify with. I had to hide them from my ex wife. Keep in mind, you only HAVE to pin once a week (depending on what you use), so you could potentially keep your stuff at a friends house or something. I never kept anything at home. It’s certainly a better idea than an oral-only cycle.


Yeah houses in the UK Don’t come cheap on minimum wage.

Ok man I might do either cyp or Enathlate how long should I run it for and I heard 500mg is a good dosage because of some labs not giving what they say


If the lab IS giving you what they say, 500 is still a good number. If the lab sucks and underdoses products, you would want to run more. I don’t know much about UK gear, but here, test C and E are generally dosed right around what they are supposed to be, because it’s cheap to make in the first place. Anything from 500-750 is fine for a first cycle. And you could run your PH with it for the first 4 or 5 weeks as a kick-start.


gonna run mk 677 with it, thanks.


MK 677 is not a bad product, but hopefully you’re planning to run it for several months without stopping. It is not a very effective product if only used for short periods. Anything meant to affect growth hormone takes time to be effective.


@flipcollar have you ever used mdrol or methylstenbolone? I found a old bottle was wondering what to do with It lol


Oh yeah and I have about 30 50mg Anadrol


um. use it? lol.

methylstenbolone is m-sten, right? I ran it awhile back. i didn’t have much of it, but i remember liking it quite a bit. If I remember correctly, a lot of the m sten products had an issue with stability. Like, they would convert to dmz, or just be dmz. I could be confusing it with another compound, but I think I’m right. It would be google-able. In any event, dmz is a decent compound too, so you can’t really go wrong with it. DMZ makes me feel a little sick and kills my appetite, whereas legit m sten did not. Yogi also really liked M sten.

honestly, i just use all orals essentially the same way. Run them, see if I like them, see how i feel on them and how they affect my strength and physique. aside from like halo or superdrol, 6 weeks is enough time to run anything as a test. And several orals like anavar or dbol i would run much longer.